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Apr 11, 2012 03:24 PM

Cold Sparkling Water

Is sparkling water easy to find in convenience stores, gas stations, etc. where you live? I live in the midwest. We have no problems finding it (warm) in the grocery stores, but never see it in the coolers next to the Pepsi, Gatorade, Red Bull and Aquafina. No problems finding it in the largest cities like Chicago, but it's even difficult to find it in many restaurants in cities like Indianapolis, Madison, Cincinnati, etc. I wonder if there will ever be a demand for sparkling water in the US like it is in Europe and the ME. It's by far my 10yo daughter's preferred beverage (we don't drink soda and I think all kids like fizzy drinks). On a recent trip to Chicago, it was nice to be able to pick up a cold bottle (even in glass bottles) whenever she was thirsty rather than her have to drink still water out of plastic and complain about the "plasticy water". Until this recent trip, it really hadn't dawned on me how hard it is to find cold sparkling water where we live (bigger city, but not a metropolis). Thoughts?

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  1. I can almost always find inexpensive brands in plastic bottles (usually Poland Spring), but Perrier, San Pellegrino and the like are harder to find chilled.

    1. Nope, definitely not common here in Alberta, Canada. It's one of my fave things about traveling in Europe and Latin America.

      1. Fizzy water is really hard to find anywhere where I live. You can get cans of soda water in the liquour section of the grocery store, at about 60 cents a can. The brand names can be found at a few specialty stores and Costco, but are really expensive. So I bought a Sodastream.

        I had a trip to Chile, which was fantastic for fizzy water - cheap, and available everywhere in big bottles.

        1. We love mineral and other "sparkly" waters in our house, our son will pick mineral or "sparkly" water" as he calls it over soda every time.

          I live in PA and we can find it cold (Perrier is often the only option) at some convenience stores. Some higher end restaurants offer it.

          Whenever we get near a Wegman's, we stock up on all we can buy.

          1. in boston we don't have a huge variety of it and the shelf space keeps getting smaller, but i can get chilled poland springs or polar 99% of the time at a convenience store. walls of sports drinks and soda though. yuk.