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Apr 11, 2012 03:15 PM

Chinese wife cake 老婆饼

Does anyone know which bakery sells the kind that is chewy on the inside? I only know of one which is across the street from Mt Sac but want to stay in the San Gabriel/Alhambra area.

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  1. Not exactly the same question, but I asked something similar not too far back:

    I did try Kee Wah but they were unmemorable. Still have to try the others.

    If you're after a chewy melon fix, those ubiquitous Chinese melon cakes might work. I've found these brands at Hawaii market:

    Honey Dew Melon Cake (best, more browned crust)
    - Hurng Fur Foods Factory Co, Ltd dba Nice Choice (Taiwan) -
    Muskmelon Cake (more fruit but crumbly)
    - Affinity Food Co, Ltd -

    The best ones I've found so far are made by the bakery inside of the 99 Ranch in Arcadia.

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    1. re: Peripatetic

      I've tried both Kee Wah and I fu Tang and also Diamond bakery and a bunch of others. I know there is one place around here that has the chewy ones but just don't remember. When I say chewy it is like mochi chewy and not as sweet as the normal paste. So kind of like a mochi wrapped with a flaky crust and pretty flat, not the puffy ones.

    2. Most Chinese bakeries offer wife cake 老婆餅 for sale (yes, I use traditional Chinese characters, never simplified). You want the flaky, flat type, right?

      Olympic Bakery, in the Kmart complex (corner of Las Tunas & Rosemead) has them. So does Diamond Bakery and JJ Bakery. Good luck.

      I seriously hope no Chinese wives are offended by the fact that these cakes are flaky and flat...

      1. Any Chinese bakery in the SGV (including those mentioned above) all will have the ones you want.

        You just have to special order the "chewy" ones you are looking for.