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Suggestions for a weekend near Toronto

I'm looking for a place where my SO and I can get away for a weekend. It needs to be within a couple of hours of downtown Toronto (assuming light traffic) and we should be able to dine at or within walking distance of the destination. I'm thinking something along the lines of Langdon Hall ... comfortable rooms, nice SPA, great food. It doesn't have to be as expensive or as high end but I'm open to all suggestions.

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  1. How about Prince Edward County? The Merrill Inn, Claramont, Huff Estates would all fit the bill and there are many smaller B&B's around.

    1. My DH and went to the Niagara Bench area (Vineland) and had an excellent time. Definitely some excellent food in the area.

      There is a package through the Black Walnut Manor that includes a dinner at Vineland Estates and they will drive and pick you up from dinner. The breakfast at the Inn is also really lovely.


      On top of that there are some really lovely wineries to explore in the area!

      1. Kingston would fit the bill. Historic inns/spas downtown and great restaurants within walking distance.


        1. I'd vote for the Fergus/Elora area - lots of lovely B &Bs, although the bigger hotel in Elora is closed for renos. Good restaurants in both towns. Although the outdoor Elora market won't be open until next month, there is a real commitment to the "eat local" philosophy, both in the restaurants and in the foodshops. This weekend, there is a guitar summit in Elora, and Fergus has a two day celtic feestival going on for Tartan Day - lotsa music and history. Both towns are small and walkable, but you will need a car to travel betwixt (10 minutes) or to Arthur for really good goat cheese.

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            If you go to Elora (which is a lovely town!) stay at the Drew House. The owner is Roger Dufau who used to own a place in Toronto. One of the best breakfasts I have ever had, anywhere.


          2. One more for you along the lines of Langdon. The Dorset Inn and Spa in Port Hope. Owned by the Ste Annes Group. I haven't stayed at that spot but I can say that the food at Ste Anne's was excellent.


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              +1 for Dorset Inn. Definitely Langon Hall-ish. The dinner was okay but the breakfast and lunch were quite good. Intimate and relaxing with great service and spa. It's also a 5 minute walk into Port Hope where Zest is supposed to be a great restaurant.

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                I second Dorset Inn, Ste. Anne's is also a fab getaway- great food and a wonderful spa;same services as Dorset Inn but much more property. Zest in Port Hope is a great restaurant. Let us know where you end up- always good to have options.

            2. What about the Little Inn of Bayfield in Bayfield on Lake Huron? Very pretty small town, Little Inn has a great restaurant and spa, and some other good restaurants on "the strip". Also, great sunsets on Lake Huron.

              1. Stratford is a nice place for a weekend getaway. Bijou and Down the Street are open, and Rundles, the Church and The Prune will open next month when the Stratford Festival opens.

                Agree that Bayfield is also nice for a weekend stay. The Little Inn is a great place to stay, with good food, and the Red Pump is across the street.

                Benmiller near Goderich is another nice place to stay and eat, with a spa on the property. http://www.benmillerinnandspa.com/ind...