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Apr 11, 2012 03:05 PM

New Mystery Citrus; I am in Heaven

Hi all,

A few days ago I happened to pop in to a local branch of Mrs. Green's and, as usual, I decied to pick up some tangerines or oranges (I tend to find the organic suppliers they use produce unusually good citrus fruits) Since the pile was small, I basically made by bag by taking all of the fruit that was NOT varieties I know I do not like. I do this a lot, with the upshot being the fruit I wind up with is a sort of grab bag (they stock dozens of suppliers and basically just divide the fruit up by general lines, so you don't really know what you are getting unless you bother to index lables to taste. So this time around, a lot of the fruit was a sort of nondescript round orange fruit (as opposed to the more flattened shape tangerines usually are) When I began to peel one, I got my first shock. Whatever they were they were not tangerines. they seem to be at least part blood orange as the pith is pinkish and the fruit segments were pink as well though not the shade one normally associates with any of the blood orange strans (they were basically the color of a pink grapefruit) so curios im popped a segment in my mout, and got the second big surpise, the things taste like no citrus I have ever had. As I said, I have no idea what there fruits are (one of the had the label of Buck Farms, but Buck Farms grows so many kinds of citrus that using thier website to guess what you got is a crapshoot at best) but going on taste alone, I'd say they are only half orange, the blood side (probably the older Moro (that is the one that longer and has the nearly brown rind right? I always get the variety names mixed up) given the shape and lake of any oragne coloration at all. And the other half is something like Jamaican/Palestinian Sweet Lemon.What I am getting at is, these thing have absoulely no acid AT ALL * Normally I find this the main detractor to the sweet lemon (I find it flat tasting without the acid). But crossed to the blood it works perfectly, it's wonderful. As a bonus they also have a touch of that rasberry flavor blood oranges can get. This things defy description. I just hope they have more when I go back next week!

*actually one of them was sour but if the variety is new, it may throw a throwback from time to time, Oddly that one was also the only one whose pith was NOT pink tinged (the flesh was, but not the pith) and the one one that was seedless.

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    1. re: Rilke

      Could be, though the only one that had any sort of navel was the sour one. I tore the sticker when I opened the fruit and lost it, and as I am not 100% sure of the name of the growers (I know they have a logo of a deer's head but the extact name is escaping me. "Buck farms" is just my best guess) I will have to wait until I go back and see a copy to check (even if they dont have more oranges, they will probably have grapefruit by them) and then look up their list of fruits. But it might be, they grow a lot of odd citrus (there probably one of the only ones i know that still offer the smaller pure bred satsumas.

      1. re: jumpingmonk

        Buck Brand citrus grown by Lisle Babcock at Deer Creek Heights Farm is some of the finest available anywhere.

        Sounds like you had one of his Mango Oranges.