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Apr 11, 2012 02:42 PM

French Quarter Fest 2012

What are the favourites, hits, and misses from this year's lineup?

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  1. love at first bite's cochon de lait poboy, mango freeze, K-Paul's butter beans w/ rice, chicken,pork, andouille, duck, Muriel's goat cheese crepes.

    1. Just got home. wife's Love @ First Bite cuchon was very good, but spicy with a horseradish sauce. I always get one of the dishes at Praline Connection, mostly the grilled chicken livers with crowder peas/okra. NOLA's Ms Maes Vietnamese chicken wings are always good.

      As an observer while at the WWL stage, there was good action at K-Pauls with the beans/rice dish and grillades & grits, but they were small plates. I heard good word of mouth in the crowd on Bombay Clubs briskit.

      Like Jazz Fest there is more good food than I'll ever have stomach room for.

      1. First time vendor this year, but perennial fave of my at Roadfood Fest -- Lasoyne's Crawfish Pies, closest tent to Zydeco stage at Canal Street in Woldenberg Park. Oh, and +1 on Butterbeand and Goat Cheese Crepes.