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Apr 11, 2012 02:14 PM

Ivy's Kitchen/Picea - what happened?

it's been literally years since they started reno-ing the spot at 995 dupont (corner dovercourt) to put in a woodfired oven - originally it was going to be "ivy's kitchen and bar" then "picea" and now the facebook page has been deleted and the windows smashed in. has anyone heard anything? we were so happy to hear that we'd have wood-fired pizza so close to home...

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  1. check out their facebook page now - lots of photos of the restoration and building the pizza oven. Looks like they're getting ready to open soon.

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    1. re: malpeque

      they are open now, we went last night!

      menu is short & sweet, right now i think it's 3 apps (1 meatball, 1 figs & cheese wrapped in prosciutto, and i forget the third), 2 salads (1 greens/arugula, 1 beets with candied pecans & goat cheese), and maybe 6 pizzas (or "piceas" as they say - margherita aka cheese/sauce/basil, spicy sausagey thing, veg option with eggplant and stuff, clams, and a white pizza). no desserts that i saw, but i was there with an overtired kid so no time to linger. we had the special (pint + margherita pizza for $15) and the white pizza, which featured cheese, sausage, and sauteed onions. i would have sauteed the onions a little longer, but is was tasty. the pizzas were thin and the crust a little charred from the brick oven in a few spots (but in a good way in my opinion, reminded me of naan).

      regular pint is $6.50, glass of wine is $9, they have mexican coke, boylan's pop and some italian pop, the usual coffees, but no juice on the menu! (when we asked, they said they didn't have juice - or chocolate milk - but when our server checked with the bartender, a strawberry-kiwi snapplish type of thing was found. this matters when you're dining with a kid.) pizzas are $11 - $16 or so i think. i like the idea of a short menu of things you do well as opposed to a long menu of mediocre, but a few additional options would be nice. and some desserts.

      service was pretty attentive. we'll certainly be back to try more.

      1. re: smartygirl

        Website's still suggests no desserts yet, but we'll see ... I'm headed down there tonight.

        1. re: newsrim

          i'm curious about their "breakfast pies."