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Apr 11, 2012 01:41 PM

YYC Hound looking for yummy lunch

Hey YVR! I'm comming for a visit soon and I'm looking for some good lunch preferably in the broadway/gastown area. Price and cuisine are pretty flexible. I'd like to avoid sushi though, as I'm already getting some for dinner. Solo dining, whatever is tasty.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Gastown: Meat and Bread is most definitely yummy, very solo friendly

    On Broadway (not that near Gastown - what part of Broadway?).
    Near Cambie on Broadway - Peaceful:

      1. re: Philx

        For lunch near Broadway/Cambie-almost Gastown too for that matter

      2. Thank You for the suggestions! Although I said price was flexible I think I'll probably go for one of the more casual options.

        What would I order at each of these places?

        Are the specials any good at meat and bread, or should I stick to the Porchetta?
        Are there any stand outs on the menu at Peaceful or La Taqueria?

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            As a YYC hound myself that frequents Vancouver a lot, I'd suggest porchetta at Meat and Bread. Ever since I tried it for the first time last fall, I go at least once every time I'm visiting Vancouver.

            As LR had suggested, the beef roll at Peaceful is very good too. I've had it a couple of times at their original location.

            1. re: miss.foodie

              The beef rolls at "The Place" (south Granville, in Marpole) is very decent too. I ate there on Monday.

            2. re: OrigamiDuck

              Meat and Bread: My SO usually has the special when we go there together and has always been very happy with it (lamb was well rec'd last time we were in). Usually I go on my own specifically for the porchetta. Salads and other sides are great too.

              Beef roll for sure at Peacefull. Noodles are great too. I like the Szechuan beef soup (I get it with cut noodles).

              La Taqueria is a great spot if you're short on time and want something tasty and nourishing. I like their carnitas and beef tongue but all looks great. Very friendly crew there too.

            3. Also I forgot, I will also be around the Granville Island area for a while if there is anything in that vicinity.

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                Granville Island itself. Go to the market and pick up some meats from Oyama, some baguettes from La Baguette, some cheese at Duso's and have yourself a picnic.

                1. re: OrigamiDuck

                  On GI - chow-worthy pickings are rather slim. For restaurants, your best bet - especially if it's a nice day and you can enjoy their patio - is Edible Canada. Duck fat fries, great BC-focused wine list.

                  Also, a fine picnic can be assembled from some Terra bread and fine cured meats and pates from Oyama in the market. A bowl of soup from the Stock Market is reliably tasty too.

                  Off market and nearby on W4th, Romers burgers (if you're in need of a burger fix)

                  1. re: OrigamiDuck

                    On Granville Island, there's Edible Canada:


                    Where I've still not eaten at !