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Apr 11, 2012 01:15 PM

Two nights in Chicago

We are a group of six middle-aged male conference-goers arriving in Chicago May 4th. Our plan is to enjoy the weekend incl taking in a Cubs game prob Saturday afternoon, as the conf does not get underway until Sunday evening. We will be staying at the Palmer House.

So we have two evening restaurants to plan: Friday and Saturday. We are all carnivores and love our wine. Like most tourists, we are looking for authentic Chicago eating and drinking experiences.

Based on my research here so far, I like the sound of Piccolo Sogno, but it is not close to the hotel. Something tells me that we should be looking in River North for proximity?

I tend to agree with some comments that one need not dine at a Steakhouse to enjoy a good steak. With that in mind, is there something that fits the bill within walking distance of our hotel?

Finally, a good bar for a martini or two in the Loop?

Thanks from Mtl.

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  1. For options in teh immediate area, Mercat a la Planxa (upscale tapas) and The Gage (upscale pub) are both solid choices. They're minutes away and will be enjoyed by all.

    A five minute taxi or 10-15 minute walk will offer you dozens more options.

    1. If you're willing to take a cab- I would suggest Publican for one of your dinners. As I am sure you know, there is no shortage of steakhouses in the River North area, if that's what you're interested in. There are lots and lots of other options in the River North area so might be helpful to know what type of place and budget you had in mind.

      For cocktails, you might try Sable- they have a huge cocktail list and make some great drinks.

      1. It's a very quick cab ride from the Palmer House to Piccolo Sogno. 5-10 minutes, perhaps. River North will be about a 20 minute walk from your hotel.

        Sable is great for cocktails, but it's in River North, so again, a little bit of a walk.

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          Piccolo Sogno is also a quick trip on the Blue Line, however, it may be too late to get reservations.

        2. Since you mention wine, consider Vivere, which is convenient to your hotel.