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Apr 11, 2012 12:52 PM

Husk v. SNOB v. ?? for special lunch

We're headed to Kiawah for an anniversary getaway, and wanted to spend the day we arrive in Charleston. I snagged a reservation for Husk, but am having second thoughts. My husband has a number of dietary restrictions (primarily dairy-related), and I recently heard that Husk is a nightmare about substitutions and requests. Since it's our actual anniversary, we'd like to have a nicer/special lunch - FIG and McCrady's are not open for lunches on Saturdays, and I want to stay downtown (so no Al Di La). Should we risk it and stick with Husk, or change to SNOB, or .... ? Open to ideas! Thanks!

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  1. I have heard the same about Husk, but haven't experienced it myself. SNOB isn't open on Saturday either. Their sister restaurant , High Cotton, has great brunch on weekends and I KNOW they will accommodate your requirements.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      In my opinion Husk is not a problem for true dietary restrictions but for "i dont like that" people.

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        FYI, i was allowed to order biscuits w/ gravy on the side at Husk. I asked for biscuits w/ no gravy, and that's what I was encouraged to do. In a charitable mood, I think it's cool that they want people to experience "biscuits and gravy" and assume that lots of their guests are not from the south. If I were feeling pissy, I'd say the server ought to be able to tell from my accent that i've witnessed gravy on a biscuit before, I just don't like it. My request for jam pretty-much put them over the edge, though ;-)

        IMHO, it's a SIN to have a plate full of country ham (the tasting) and not have some biscuit and jam(fig preferably, maybe blackberry) to go with it. apparently Sean B. doesn't feel that way.

    2. I am a Type 1 diabetic and had no issues w/ accomodations. I think there is a distinct difference between someone being picky and someone having a health-related issue. Go to Husk.

      FYI, Danna, I agree though, that a good biscuit is better served by some biscuits w/ good jam. Especially when accompanying that ham sampler. This coming from a chick for PA Dutch country who tonight served her family chicken n' waffles (not the fried chicken n' waffles, but the diced chicken and gravy waffles).

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        Good to know.

        LaLa is right. With all the hype around Husk, people ( who may not understand manners) may try to manipulate a dish so much that they get a big NO. The OP should call Husk, give the restrictions, and if they're good with it, go. I've been four times and really enjoyed it each time. It's not better than others, but it's great. And if you can eat on the porch, do it.

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          We've got reservations for the porch tomorrow for lunch. It's going to be gorgeous weather. Can't wait!

          1. re: lynnlato

            It GORGEOUS. Perfect for a Charleston trip.

            I'm off to the Carolina Creole Food Truck.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              Oh wow. I haven't had creole food since New Orleans two years ago. Looks like they operate on Saturdays too. Well, that's two mornings I have to get out of bed early and drive on down!

              1. re: mikeh

                I got the oyster, shrimp and crawfish po boy. Yum. Set your alarm, mikeh!

                  1. re: Sue in Mt P

                    There is no conceivable rebuttal to that but to get one of my own.

      2. We had a whirlwind food trip to Charleston this weekend which included a perfect lunch at Husk and another night where we stopped by at the bar at Husk and had a Four Roses whiskey flight w/ shaved country pork - wowza!

        Everything about our lunch was amazing - the cheeseburger, fried chicken BLT (on fluffy brioche toast), cornmeal fried pickles w/ buttermilk ranch but most of all the buttermilk pie w/ cornmeal crust and fresh local strawberries - I dreamed about that pie last night it was soooo good. Their bloody mary was tasty too. It's made w/ a house made vegetable mix (including beets, tomatoes, etc) and they serve their drinks in repurposed wine bottles that are clever and attractive. Our server, Rob, was hands down the best server we've had in recent memory. I told him that I was slightly hungover due, in part, to the bourbon flight I had in their bar the night before. He teased me and was so funny, fun and attentive. Interestingly Sue, he mentioned that a dear friend of his owns a food truck in Charleston - Roti Rolls I think.