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Laguna - Dinner, Breakfast, beach bar...HELP!

In Laguna Beach for long weekend, looking for romantic, top notch dinner suggestions with ocean view. A 'special" date night place.
Also, breakfast - not fancy - good food, boody mary's, etc
Last but not least - casual, lunch/hangout bar/restaurant for seafood, oysters, fish tacos? Maybe on beach? Drink, eat for afternoon of chill vibe.

Thank you!!

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  1. If you aren't worried about your credit limit for your "romantic...ocean view" dinner then Studio at the Montage is the way to go: http://www.studiolagunabeach.com/?utm...

    1. Check out nearby Beachcomber for either breakfast or lunch. Make reservations for either. Right on the beach and the food is better than passable.

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        If you can't get reservations, you can go at an off time and get a seat, or stop in and have a drink or two at the bar. It is the only place in OC I know of that is actually on the beach. Prices are a little inflated because of the setting, but breakfast/lunch is a better value than dinner.

      2. I'll add Surf and Sand oceanfront resort...Splashes serves breakfast/lunch/dinner.
        Las Brisas for marg's and app's.

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          Las Brisas looks great for drinks and apps. Thank you!!

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            Lqas Brisas is also good for a weekend brunch. It is a little pricey, and you order off the menu so there is no buffet, but the food is good and there is free flowing champagne.

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            For dinner I'm a fan of Broadway by Amar Santana, or possibly 370 Common Kitchen. Both are a few blocks away from the beach but the food is very good. The food at 370 is gastropub food and comes off as slightly more casual, but it can make for a cozy night.


          3. Consider Brussels Bistro for a casual lunch or dinner, esp. if you like Belgian beers, frites and mussels ! Cool atmosphere too - it's a "cozy" space below sidewalk-level on Forest Ave. in the heart of the village.

            1. Coyote Grill for happy hour. Mostly locals.

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                I really like Coyote Grill for breakfast. They make great Bloody Marys. The enchiladas and eggs are my go to choice. They have a peek-a-boo view of the water from the deck.

              2. As mentioned, Studio is going to give you the best, most romantic setting with a view as well. It is arguably one of the best restaurants in OC.

                My favorite, Tabu, is excellent and romantic, but does not have a view.

                It is worth noting, a lot of the restaurants in Laguna do not have a view.

                For seafood you might try the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer.

                If you want sushi without leaving Laguna, I have been to three of the options, Mosun, Sushi Laguna, and 242 Cafe Fusion.
                I like Mosun for the rolls. They have a lot of fun ones. I have never had a bad meal, but I always sit at the bar. I am not in the majority in this opinion.
                Sushi Laguna is fine. I think the quality of the fish is on par with Mosun, but it is more straight ahead. In general, there are better places I go to for high end sushi and closer places I go to for middle of the road sushi.
                242 has more interesting rolls than Mosun, with higher quality fish than either of the other two, but it is also more expensive and it is really small. They are pretty much across the street from the Main Beach, but oriented the wrong way to catch the sunset. If you want quality, don't care about tradition, and don't want to leave Laguna, this would be my pick.

                My favorite place to drink in Laguna is the Rooftop Bar at the Casa Del Camino Hotel. Fantastic views. Downstairs is K'ya bistro, which is reputed to have very good food, but I have not been. You can order food at the rooftop bar, but I am pretty sure it is not coming from K'ya. I have only had snacks at the bar.

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                  Thank you ver much for the detailed reply!!

                2. Have not been for a while but Cafe Zoolu has some of the best fish I can recall anywhere. Nice wine list too. Very casual.