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Apr 11, 2012 12:40 PM

This summer in Asheville

We will be staying in Weaverville near Asheville this summer for two weeks. Would love some suggestions of where to eat. We need one special occasion restaurant and several more casual ones.

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  1. Asheville is one of the most discussed places on this site. You might want to do a search and you find lots of posts, for example:

    Some places I like are Curate, The Admiral, 12 Bones, Tupelo Honey, Bouchon, Chai Pani, Zambra.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Thank you for your help. Am confused re:Admiral..Some love it and some really do not recommend it. Also my son-in-law is vegetarian. He will eat fish, but not seafood. Are any of these restaurants a better choice for us when he visits?

      1. re: Teesh

        "He will eat fish, but not seafood" I assume you mean he will eat fish, but not shellfish?

        I don't think your SIL will have much trouble. Asheville is, in general, pretty vegetarian friendly. Most places, including the Admiral, have menus online, so you can look at them in advance and see what you think. The Laughing Seed is a veg restaurant that you might want to look at.

        1. re: Teesh

          Admiral: I think i've only read one person on CH that didn't like Admiral. Of my friends, the only one who doesn't like it is a very picky eater (won't eat lamb, most fish and shellfish, pork, etc.) It's not SUPER veg-friendly. There is usually a fish dish on the menu, especially in the summer, but I don't think it's a guarantee. Always mussels and scallops, if your s-i-l eats those. Also , a person mainly concerned with ambiance probalby wouldn't like Admiral. Finally, the online menu is just to get a general idea, it is often not changed on line as it changes in reality.

          Weaverville - check out Well Bred Bakery in W'ville. As good for pastry as you would find by driving into A'ville. Good lunches there too.

          1. re: danna

            Thanks for Weaverville suggestions. The house we are renting is there. There are going to be 7 of us for one evening. Is there a restaurant that will accommodate that size party comfortably?

            1. re: Teesh

              Others to add - Strada, Mela, Sunny Point, The Junction, White Duck Taco, Limones. Plenty of options for veggies. And Plant! An amazing vegetarian restaurant that will please good!

              1. re: Teesh

                Stoney Knob might be good for your party of 7. It's just south of Weaverville.

        2. Hi Teesh,
          Check out Curate for awesome food with lots of vegetarian choices. Everything I have eaten there has been awesome and the service is impeccable. Book reservations EARLY they fill up very quickly. Miss Piggy has given some great suggestions as has Carolina Dog. I'm not a huge fan of Bouchon or the Admiral though...

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          1. re: caiogirl

            Thank you all for such good suggestions. Still confused about The Admiral but have plenty of time to decide.

            1. re: Teesh

              I've never heard anyone say anything negative about Admiral. It's it!

            2. re: caiogirl

              Curate is fabulous. Don't miss the Spanish Martini. The eggplant with honey is to die for. We had to have three orders for four people once. BOUCHON has gone to the dogs in our opinion. Five years ago we loved it. I still love their "fritas" but can't find anything else to go with it. aware in summer NO AC there. HOT!

            3. My thoughts-

              Admiral- 1 mile from my house. Great food, but weekend reservations take 2 weeks in advance. A bit pricey for Asheville, and I start to wonder if they are outgrowing their neighborhood and perhaps the city with their pricing. Expect large plate entrees to go from $25-30 per. My last visit was less than a month ago and was great, but it keeps getting more expensive. You can reserve online via Opentable

              Limones- Terrific Sunday brunch plan. Get there before the church crowd because as they say, once 12 o'clock rolls around and margaritas are legal, the crowd gets thick. A terrific menu and everything is fresh with great portions. Entrees around $9-14 per. A favorite of my parents who live in a small SC town and normally don't like anything remotely exotic.

              12 Bones Arden-- head to this location for lunch on Saturday as the other RAD location will be closed. The pulled pork plate is a great value. Best bets IMHO are the blueberry-chipotle ribs, Wedge salad, and smoked turkey sandwich (separately-- not together!!!!). Their collards are generally terrific.

              Tupelo Honey is fine, but in my opinion is grossly overrated considering the wait time and the other available options in town.

              Papas and Beer- I prefer the Brevard Rd. and Tunnel Rd. locations primarily b/c of their salsa. They offer chips, salsa, and hot bean dip complimentary and their food is more of Cali-Mexican variety. The steak entrees such as the warm fajita salad, steak tacos, or ranchero are excellent. Food is very fresh and generally great. They don't accept reservations.

              Mela/India Garden: Both offer lunch buffets and have their full menu for dinner. Mela is the more dramatic atmosphere and is downtown, while the India Garden is more subdued and off of Tunnel Road. I like the food at both, but have been turned off in the past by the wait staff at Mela and their attitudes. More recently, I have had a positive experience, so either should be good for vegetarian friendly food for your son-in-law. Mela will have more of a wait generally because of its downtown location.

              Enjoy your visit!

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              1. re: MTNSeater

                You all have given me so many great ideas that I may even give up cooking at all. Just a joke. Plan to eat in some of the time. May take family (when there are 7 of us) to Stoney Knob which is close to our home. Curate,Mela and 12 Bones are possibilities when we are down to 5. THEN my husband and I are on our own and will go to Admiral.
                BTW. Are there big fireworks etc for July 4. We will be in town from June 24-July 7. Of course we plan to hike and enjoy all the beauty of the area. Also love art so I think we will be quite busy.

                1. re: Teesh

                  You will be very happy with Stoney Knob as they have many vegetarian options. Weaverville also has Jack of Hearts, the sister restaurant to the long time downtown's Jack of the Wood. They do L & D every day and brunch on Sundays. Often have wonderful live local folk music in the evening. It's in Weaverville's original fire house downtown and has a deck off the back. Glass Onion just opened in Weaverville so watch for posts on that. It's Italian - also right on Main Street. Across from that is Blue Mountain Pizza - very kid friendly and they also offer live music. Well bred bakery on Main St. is a good place for coffee and wifi...I am not as wowed by desserts as some. Big but not that good tasting IMO.
                  I don't really get the whole Papas and Beer thing. For better quality "Latin" food I'd do Tomato next to Earth Fare. As previous posts have noted...there is probably not one restaurant in Asheville that DOESN'T offer vegetarian items.

                  1. re: Foodher

                    have you been to tomato recently? they slipped big time (greasy, bland food on multiple visits) after moving to westgate and the owner stepping away to pursue his salsa business (i assume that's what they're serving in the resto now - no where near as good as the fresh salsa they used to have). we stopped going, and haven't been in quite some time. it would be nice if they're back on track as it was very good in the old location.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Next to Mela (and owned by the same people, I think) is Boca, a Spanish inspired place, but not exclusively tapas. Usually a great ceviche special, among other things - there's a chocolate dessert that's killer --