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Apr 11, 2012 12:35 PM

looking for chocolate covered cherries with cognac

Anyone know if there is a place in the San Diego area that has those boozy chocolate covered cherry cordials (usually of Eastern European origin), or possibly Mon Cheri brand?


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  1. Sounds fab...I would try Michele Coulon in LJ..

    1. You can find Mon Cheri at Tip Top Meats

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        The Russian deli (European Delicatessen) on Regent Road also has from time to time some boxes of Mon Cheri

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          That's the place I was thinking, too. I also believe North Park Produce sells this kind of thing.

      2. Most Mediterranean or Russian stores will have a pretty good one from Hungary.

        1. Thanks guys! Those are great tips!

          1. O.K. kids, here's the update...

            Went to Vine Ripe in La Mesa. They had Russian chocolates, but no chocolate covered cherries.

            Went to Tip Top Meats. They usually carry Mon Cheri, BUT generally only during the winter, so they are now out of season and they don't have them.

            Went to International Deli on Regents Rd. in La Jolla. They had a Polish brand of chocolate covered cherries! YAY! They had a gift box with 20 gold foil covered chocs for about $10, and they also had singles, from the same company but wrapped differently, for $8.99/lb. Purchased individually, $9 gets you about 30 pieces. AND, more importantly, they are fresher. The boxed set seemed to loose it's alcoholic oomph, They were just too old.

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              Well done Dave!!! You found a rather civilized manner to get wasted ;-)