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Apr 11, 2012 12:11 PM

Flatiron / Gramercy area - need restaurant suggestion for simple fish, chicken or pasta.

Going out tonight with my friend whose doctor just put him on a bland diet for a digestive problem. Looking for a place that does a nice whole grilled fish. Or maybe simple chicken or pasta that doesn't involve tomato sauce. Preferably around Union Square, Flatiron or Gramercy Park.

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  1. Craft or perhaps Manzo.

    1. Hmmm Giorgio's of Gramercy had good chicken and pasta- it's also small enough I wouldn't be worried to ask the chef to make something special. Il Pesce at Eataly and Barbounia do a whole grilled fish...just ask them to go light on the olive oil as both have a heavy hamd.

      1. How is Periyali these days? Haven't been in years. They offer grilled fish and simple sides.

        1. Blue Water Grill does a variety of simple grilled fish.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like my friend's bland diet is going to have to continue for a while, so we're having to develop some new eating choices.