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Apr 11, 2012 12:09 PM

Fresh, wild seafood market- Katy or Houston

Is there one in Katy/Houston?
I'm looking for a good fish & seafood market. Preferably fresh, not previously frozen, but I understand that may not be possible. Wild is a must.

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  1. Sadly central market and whole foods will be near the top of the list to find fresh wild and line caught seafood. The pickings are pretty slim in central texas :(

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    1. re: twyst

      Sigh! That's what I was afraid of. Looks like I'll probably just try to stock up at my local HEB when they have wild fish. They used to have more wild than farm raised, and now, I can usually only find one or two wild choices. :(
      I don't live near a CM or WF, but I don't mind taking a drive to check them out.

    2. What about Louisiana Foods Total Catch market? I haven't been, but I think some others around here have, so maybe they can weigh in. It sounds like the kind of thing you're looking for? I think you have to check their blog because whether they're open/what they have varies depending on what comes in.

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        Yes, check out Louisana Foods just off N. Post Oak barely outside the 610 Loop. They have a seafood market/deli open 10-3 M-F daily, and I think if you call ahead they can have any commercial fish available for you. Total Catch is open on Saturday mornings depending on the catch.

        Read the entries on Total Catch to see what has been available, and what may be available in the future. It's all luck of the catch.