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Apr 11, 2012 12:01 PM

Connecticut CREATETV - Now a SPORTS Channel

As of yesterday, Connecticut's CREATETV stations have reverted to sports programming, mostly local. Why can't they leave the good stuff alone? As if there aren't enough sports channels to watch???

Sorry for the venting. This really torques me off.

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  1. Well that's annoying isnt it. I hope our CREATE TV in NJ doesn't follow.

    1. While I get CreateTV via cable, it is also available (in my area) as a subchannel of the local PBS station.

      e.g. for NY

      1. I'd advise doing a bit of hunting--Comcast in my area likes to move stuff around, I believe for the sheer hell of it. Create is, as paulj noted, a substation of PBS so it's not like they actually changed their programming.

        If they thought Create wasn't popular enough, they'd move it into the the middle of the porn and pay channels.

        1. The press release from CPTV says they'll use viewer feedback to incorporate the most popular Create programming into other CPTV channels; but the rest of the release certainly makes it sound like the channel is just plain gone from most of Connecticut. Okay, maybe not most, but a good chunk, including my area.

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          1. re: harrie

            So this is a change at the state PBS level, not the cable distributor.

            1. re: paulj

              I guess; but some Comcast systems in Connecticut (Hartford, Middletown, Vernon) are carrying it. Maybe they're carrying a non-CT feed?

              I love the Whale and the UCONN Women, but I wish Sports and Create could at least timeshare a channel or something.

              1. re: harrie

                CreateTV, at least as I get it, is one 6 hr block (2 of cooking) repeated through out the day.

                1. re: paulj

                  Same here; so why not run the cycle twice, and the other twelve hours run sports?

                  To be fair, I don't love every single cooking show on Create; I can do without Tommy Tang, and Caprial and John get a little too cutesy. But I definitely miss Messrs. Pepin and Keller, Sara Moulton and maybe even a tiny little bit, the Cooks Country people. I will miss the happy painting guy, too, but he's got nothing to do with food.