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Apr 11, 2012 11:43 AM

Food allergies

I need help! Just found out I have an over whelming number of food allergies. I'm trying to come up with a salad dressing that DOES NOT HAVE ANY: dairy, garlic, lemon, vinigar, yeast, cheese, sugar, olive (oil), or black pepper. I really don't like salads without dressings and so far all I have done is mixed some sunflower oil with fresh parsley and a touch of lime. Any suggestions?

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  1. Can you have Walnut, Hazelnut, Almond or Avocado oils? If so, that offers you a lot of different flavors. Mix those with tomato, lime or orange juice and you begin to have a dressing. You could also make your own mayonnaise and that would be another. You could also look into some of the vegan products that might give you substitutes for dairy.

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      Thanks so much. mayo is out because I am highly allergic to eggs but am going to try your suggested oils. So far I've only used sunflower and safflower oils.

    2. You can blend avocado, adding liquid and herbs. If you can have non-lemon citrus, grapefruit and oranges make nice dressings.

      1. I use lime juice almost exclusively instead of lemon (lemons are hard to find), so if that's okay you can use it as your acid.

        For creamy dressings, you can use pureed soft tofu as a base, if soy is okay. Blend it with your lime juice, some salt and seasonings - I think this would work well with fresh herbs. Slow cooked carmelized onions could be pureed as well.

        What about a dry dressing? I use Indian chaat masala for chopped vegetable salads. That wouldn't work for you (black pepper and garlic is in it at least), but try toasting whole spices and grinding them and using that.

        1. Lime juice, carrot, ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce. For extra body you could add pureed tofu as suggested above.

          Pureed white beans mixed with tomato juice and some fresh herb you like.

          I also agree with the great idea of pureeing avocado. I'd add tomatoes with lime and cilantro for a guacamole-like dressing.

          1. You could make your own hummus (without garlic, substitute shallots or green onions if acceptable), and thin it down to dressing consistency. Blend in roasted red peppers for flavor variant.

            Even tahini itself can be thinned and enhanced for a dressing.

            There are soy and coconut milk plain yogurts that could be used as a base for creamy dressings, similar to tastegood's suggestion for tofu.