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Apr 11, 2012 11:04 AM

Vancouver Restaurant Help (w/ baby)

Hi all -- I will be in Vancouver for a few nights in May with my wife, parents, and 5 month-old baby. We've been several times before and always eaten great, but this will be the first time with the little guy in tow. We are looking for some restaurant recs where we can get a great meal (higher end but not expense account places) but won't feel uncomfortable bringing the baby. We are from the east coast of the states and have brought him out many times (he usually sleeps the whole time) and plan to make the reservations as early as possible so as not to inconvenience other diners. We had Italian Kitchen suggested to us, but have seen mixed reviews on food and not sure how a baby would be welcomed even on a week night. We are staying at the Coast Plaza in the west end.

Any advice would be much appreciated - Thanks very much in advance!

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  1. My personal family/infant/toddler-friendly rec is Griffins inside Fairmont Downtown (Georgia & Burrard). Not a Chowhounder destination perhaps, but the old hotel ballroom is grand (ie: diffuses noise or baby's cries) and tables are far apart, something that I find of value with children and older parents in tow. And speaking of generations, there'll be something for everyone there, and not at expense-account levels (in fact from from it).

    And if the little one should get fussy, there's lots of "escape places" to go to outside the restaurant (but still inside the hotel). At the end of the day, the family-friendly conveniences and ambience may allow you to actually taste your foods even if the food isn't necessarily 5-star caliber.

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      The owner of HSG in Yaletown is a family man and he lays the Welcome carpet out for families.

    2. this recent thread might help -

      enjoy your visit - what a nice time of year.

      1. Thanks all for the recs. Bumping this up in case anyone else can chime in. We are not necessarily looking for a baby-friendly place as much as looking for great, interesting food where we would not get looked at sideways for having a baby with us. He's a sleeper at restaurants and we will likely be booking the first res of the night. Thanks again.

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          Why don't you post a list of places you're considering and we can let you know how baby friendly they are?

        2. Hmmmm.
          Well one thing, folks either love or hate the Italian Kitchen and I am a hater. Beyond the food (yuck) it is too loud for my parents and kids (and me). I am however thinking of the 4th Avenue location, maybe downtown is better?

          But now I have to think about what would be a good suggestion....
          Basically I think you can take a baby anywhere if you go at 5:30 or 6 as long as it (resto not baby) isn't too loud. I'd certainly check out LR's suggestion of Griffin's. Maybe Adesso if you want Italian? Check out reviews though as I haven't been in its current incarnation. If you like Japanese, Kingyo would work and is very nice. If you want a beautiful place to sit on a sunny afternoon, try Bridges patio on Granville Island, not stellar food but good basics.
          I'll keep thinking.

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            Adesso is great and their new location on Haro is very comfortable. There's good spacing of tables which I think is a plus with baby in tow. If it's a nice day, the patio is great!

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              Ah, speaking of Granville Isld, a couple more that I think is sleeping baby-friendly:

              - Edible Canada Bistro

              - Cats Social House (part of Browns Group)

              But this (music) can be unpredictable and problematic in some restaurants even if the ambiance seems alright: