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dinner around 42nd & 9th?

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We're seeing a play at one of the way west theaters on 42nd? Any dining ideas -- fairly priced and really tasty? Thanks, CHs...

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  1. Esca

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    1. re: H Manning

      +1 for Marseille.

      1. re: H Manning

        Another YES for Marseille

      2. Dafni is real good Greek, on the south side of 42nd, between 8-9 Avenues

        Qi is real tasty Thai on 9th Ave., between 42-43

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        1. re: mic9ael

          Yeah, Dafni is good, but their portions are big enough to feed a horse, so get no more than half of what you think you want.

        2. Tabata is delicious and inexpensive. Great ramen and a few other small Japanese plates - extremely casual and cheap but amazingly delicious!

          1. Pio Pio. 43rd and 10th.