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Apr 11, 2012 11:03 AM

Client dinner in the city

Looking for recommendations for a good place to take a client for dinner tonight (party of 6). The client has expressed that he likes meat (specifically, beef) and likes things that are spicy. Client lives in SF, so I feel pressure to choose somewhere that will compare! At the moment, I'm thinking of Firefly in Dupont, but I haven't been in about a year and a half. Anyone have input on Firefly? Or other recommendations?

(Musts: reservations, client-like atmosophere (i.e. no bars), vegetarian option)..

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  1. BLT Steak - your vegetarian may have to do with a melange of the sides, unless they are one of those vegetarians that doesn't count fish.

    But it is a great place for a "client dinner."

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    1. re: drewpbalzac

      Great suggestion! But, if you can believe it, no reservations available for tonight! Apparently a hopping wed night in DC? Should I assume there are a bunch of lobbyists in town? :)

      1. re: hppyheather

        A "bunch of lobbyists" are always in town - But Congress is out of session this week which means more of us are gone than usual.

        Probably a conference at one of the hotels nearby scheduled to coincide with spring break.

        Ardour is nice and right around the corner at the St. Regis.

        Also, the Source - Charlie Palmers and J&G Steakhouse all have similay "client dinner" vibe and put out very good food.

    2. Bourbon steak, The Palm, Bobby Vans DC