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Apr 11, 2012 10:51 AM

London: Fun, lively dinner and lunch spots?

Hello everyone ...

... I love the energy of Nobu yet go there on every visit and am a bit tired of it. While the cuisine does not have to be sushi, a really fun, lively, upbeat atmosphere would be great. Suggestions needed for both Saturday and a "good" Sunday restaurant (though Wollesley is a fav).

Visiting Texture on Friday ...

What about Lunch for both Saturday and Sunday? Something inside a museum would be great too. Same descriptors of lively and upbeat.

Much appreciation!

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  1. Tate Britain is a lovely gallery and has an excellent restaurant, open 7 days for lunch:

    However, you may need to manage your expectations of lively & upbeat. More calm & thoughtful. Same goes for any museum eateries except cafes full of school parties, which I guess is not what you had in mind!.

    1. I'm not sure my definition of lively and upbeat is the same as yours, but I really enjoyed a Saturday lunch at Pollen Street Social, especially at the dessert bar. Opera Tavern, a Spanish restaurant in Covent Garden would probably also fit the bill, as does Jose or Pizarro in London Bridge.

      I think, for me, a lively Sunday lunch would be spent having dim sum at Princess Garden in Mayfair - it's a little bit more refined and elegant than the usual cheap as chips dim sum restaurants, but still has a lovely buzz to it. Although there are more families than beautiful, trendy hipsters ;)

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        I second Pollen Street Social - took myself to lunch there when I was in London ten days ago. Also Terroirs, right near the National Portrait Gallery. Both are delightful.

        1. I wouldn't call it particularly upbeat, but I love the atmosphere at the V&A's cafe. One of the dining rooms is really most beautiful.

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            What about Brawn for sunday lunch? Or the Canton Arms in Stockwell? Both laid back but VERY casual. Both have the lively vibe.