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Apr 11, 2012 10:46 AM

Alternative to Caul Fat

Anyone out there have a suggestion for me? I am in a gourmet club and in need of Caul Fat....only place I can find is on Amazon, 10 lbs + shipping $100+. Don't need that much and have exhausted all local sources. Is there an alternative or another source that you know of and can share?

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  1. I don't have any answers for you, but it may help others to answer if they know 1) where are you located? and 2) re: a substitute/alternative.... how you are planning on using it?


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      Thanks! I'm in Birmingham which is located in Southeast Michigan north of Detroit. I am making Lamb Porchetta which calls for the chops to be wrapped in this Caul Fat which is the membrane from a Pigs stomach....supposed to impart an amazing amount of flavor. I am sure I can substitute with a very fatty cured ham, but would like to stick with the authentic style of preparation if at all possible.

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        Since you're in Birmingham, have you checked with the meat department at Papa Joe's?

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          Yes, and Westborn Mkt. and Market Square. Still need to call down to Eastern Market, but Papa Joe source wasn't confident about that either.

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          When looking for leaf lard I discovered a butcher in Windsor, ON that stocks all things piggy. Bailey's meat market 2109 Ottawa st 519-252-6281 has frozen caul fat in 1.5 lb packages. I called them and they have some in stock (Fri April 13/2012). They are $1CDN per package! With the fuel, tolls it will only be about $15US per pound. Remember you need a passport or enhanced driver license to cross the border but frozen pig is allowed to come back to the US> Go for lunch, they have plenty of good East African in Windsor.

      2. I have some Berkshire pig skins in the freezer with about a centimeter of fat underneath it. I use them for homemade Pork Rinds and Lard. Hit up Melody from Melo farms (She has a booth at Eastern Market). If you get her before Saturday she can bring them to the market. Pork belly with skin on is the norm for Porchetta. I crosshatch mine and it comes out beautiful (See attached Photo). I would be careful with a crosshatch if I was using just the skins. I also am in the market for Caul fat and may be able to hook you up with a better source for caul fat. I know a good amount of meat processors. I need some for a Jerk Goatchetta I am planing on.

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          That, looks pretty F'n amazing JP!

        2. I asked some questions at eastern market yesterday, Corridor Sausage said that Wolverine packing has caul fat-you have to buy about 20 pounds-but it's around $2.00 a pound.

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            I will go half and half with someone if they want.