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Apr 11, 2012 10:24 AM

Peri Peri Chicken

Does anyone know a place in the Boston area to get some good peri peri chicken?

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  1. salfie there are no peri peri chicken chains in the area, however, we do have "frango de/no churrasco" which is the same idea. J+J's in Somerville definitely offers it and I recall it being pretty good, but not perfect. There are other options around Somerville, Cambridge, and Peabody but I can't think of places which specialize (eg a convenience store which used to roast once a week, restaurants which probably finish it on the charbroiler, banquets) so JJ's is my pick. If you head down to Buzzards Bay or Newport, make sure you stop at Churrascaria Aveirense on Sawyer in New Bedford which uses charcoal, and for the ride back there is Mr Chicken and several other options in Fall River. Don't ignore that we have some good Peruvian charcoal chicken options with nice spice, such as pollos a la brasa el chalan, as well as Dominican and Columbian outlets too. Lastly I thought I saw it pop up on a bistro type menu last year (piri piri), but could be confusing that.

    Frango no/de churrasco is common the Portuguese festival circuit too, particularly on the South Coast and here are some dates from last year which are good guidelines for the coming year (don't know if I'll be able to compile it again):

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      I love it when you skool us to the gems right under our noses. Thanks

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        Itaunas, what are your impressions of the frango no churrasco at the Snack Bar in E Cambridge?

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          Matt H that came to mind when I was posting and to be honest I was hoping you would hop in with an opinion on it. I haven't been to the Snack Bar since the mom was at the stove, the dad the grill/fryer, and the oldest son upfront (I looked up and I definitely haven't been regularly since 2009, but probably even a bit before that). That said, for marinated meats (febras, etc) I found JJ to be a touch spicier, and really what I like at the Snack Bar was things with a tomato/onion/pepper base, as opposed to marinades or massa de pimentao. Even though the shrimp wasn't good quality, they had fine portuguese style shrimp and all the stews were top notch. And I much prefer their bife a portugesa to JJ's, whose sauce always brings "gravy master" to mind (similarly the carne a alentejana at the snack bar was a bit better, although not the best version around in part because of the marinade). But a lot of that could have changed and I am definitely curious about the frango.

          BTW, I think their chicken is roasted and everyone here only posts about the Brunch/Breakfast at the Neighborhood, but their weekday lunches are pretty good so that is another option for Portuguese chicken that I would suggest. Similar to the snack bar -- home cooked style food and overlooked like the Snack Bar used to be.

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            Nice roundup as usual itaunas. I have tried the frango at Snack Bar a few times and enjoy it, only one complaint is that when you do not ask for extra sauce it comes a bit dry, but when you specify extra sauce it is a great chicken.

            I would be interested to hear your impressions as I have not tried the frango no churrasco at any of the other local restaurants (I typically order other dishes), so my point of reference is what I used to eat in Toronto when I lived there.

      2. I'm working on my own Peri Peri sauce recipe right now actually...but I've never tried the simple basic recipe so I"m gonna have to give it a try one of these days to make it traditionally.

        That said, if anyone is interested in a truly delicious Piri Piri hot sauce, check out this stuff.