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Apr 11, 2012 10:06 AM

Fantastic unique venue for dinner party for 100?

Hello friends! We are planning a family party for 80-100 people and looking for a fun and unique venue in town or surrounding areas. Don't just want a boring bland hotel ballroom. Has anyone been to an event at Reading Terminal? Is there a restaurant in Chinatown that could fit that many? So eager to hear your suggestions! Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Have you considered renting one of the Boathouses on Boathouse row? I know the vesper club rents theirs and the space is very nice. I think you bring your own caterer.

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      The Valentine to the Market galas at Reading Terminal were a lot of fun. Estia also does great banquets.

    2. I am a huge fan of the Mask and Wig club, which is associated with Penn but is downtown. Beautiful old clubhouse and the catering service tied to them does a great job.

      1. Thank you all! Budget is $100 or less per person.

        1. I don't know the price but I've been great events at the Penn museum of anthropology and archeology. The rotunda room is spectacular. Plus of course you can go visit the mummies.

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          1. MANY restaurants in Chinatown can accomodate your request, as many hold wedding receptions there. Off the top of my head, I know Joy Tsin Lau, Imperial Inn, and Ocean City can accomodate.

            Maggiano's downtown may also fit your criteria.

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              Aiya, partying in Chinatown does not sound like a lot of fun.

              Went to Joy Tsin Lau recently for not 1 but 2 parties occupying the whole second floor. Even though some of the dishes tasted fine, the space is simply too dirty. Over 20 years ago I asked the then owner Mama-san why didn't they change the rug or have the place painted. She told me for FengShuei (Wind & Water). I bet her daughter (current owner) has kept their FengShuei ever since.

              I think, regretfully, the way most Chinese restaurants have been operating is the reason they lost even many of us Chinese as customers. I now prefer Korean if I have a craving for Asian food.

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                In Chinatown, you would do well to consider Joseph Poon's catering space on 10th and Cherry. Large banquet area and the good food Joe has been putng out for years.

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                  I can't agree with you more. The food itself isn't bad at these places, but the ambiance and dining area for these events are deplorable in alot of the restaurants. I guess when they cater to fellow asians (Vietnamese) like myself, they assume that many are there for the food, and not the dining area. For example, I was at a Vietnamese wedding reception at JTL and everything looked very haggard and dirty, but the food was on point. 2-3 weeks later, I went to JSL for another wedding reception where the groom was Italian and the wife Chinese. They overhauled the banquet room to make it much cleaner and brighter due to "white" guest coming to the reception.

                  Please note that this post was not meant to be racially discriminatory in any sense, but there is a double standard when it comes to dining in Chinatown. When I dine alone in C-Town, compared to when I dine with my wife and children (wife is Irish/Italian), there is a huge difference in the service and the menus that are given to me.