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Apr 11, 2012 10:04 AM

Rangoli cafe - Glenmore and Blackfoot

I'm on a new commuter route and from Blackfoot Tr south as I come up to Glenmore Tr I can see a banner hanging on one of those little industrial buildings east of Blackfoot advertising Rangoli Cafe.. So has anyone been? Is it tasty or not? Any info appreciated! I see there's a website up

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  1. I live nearby and have driven by many times, but have never tried it because it looks like they just target the industrial lunch market. I thought this based on the 'fly by night' appearance of the exterior, but I can now confirm this by looking at the hours on their website. I generally avoid places that subsist on captive markets, like the U of C food court or pizza shops located next to high schools. LOL. But who knows, it might be a hidden gem. Let us know if you try it!