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Little Rock for one night and possibly one breakfast

scarlet_eater Apr 11, 2012 09:58 AM

Hey everyone,
I've read through the older Little Rock threads and have gotten some good ideas, but I'm hoping someone can help me make a final decision. My husband and I are visiting Little Rock for a concert later this month and we're only planning to stay one night. We're staying a nice hotel downtown right across the river from the Arena. (While I'm talking to Little Rock experts, is it possible to walk across the river to the arena or are we going to need to drive?)

We don't need to be at the show til 8 or so, so we're thinking of an early dinner in this area. We don't mind driving a bit but don't want to go too far. We've discussed Brave New Restaurant, Ashley's, Iriana's pizza, or the Flying Fish. Brave New's menu seems most intriguing to us but would also require a drive. Am I missing anything in this area that we should consider? I am a pescatarian so a steakhouse of BBQ place probably isn't going to cut it, unless one of them is barbecuing catfish! Budget isn't a huge concern (though we don't want to spend a million and be unsatisfied either)-- we just want the best food we can get in this area.

Also, any suggestions for good breakfast in this area in case we get some time the next morning? It will be a Sunday.


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    tdterry RE: scarlet_eater Apr 15, 2012 06:08 PM

    If you are staying in downtown (i assume you mean the Rivermarket area) you will not need to drive, you could either walk (a bit long, but if it is a nice night, no problem) or take the trolley which goes to both sides of the river (Little Rock and North Little Rock).
    To the food, you really should go to Ashley's, it may not be what you want to do before a concert, but you should consider for Sunday brunch, it was fabulous (either way, dinner or brunch, you should try to go, it is by far the best place in town).
    Others to consider downtown Restaurant Capeo or Starving Artist Cafe (North Little Rock side) or Capital Bar & Grill (best pimento cheese i have had). For casual you could do flying fish or Bosco's.
    I dont ever recommend Brave New, food is ok at best. It never seems very original and many times does not seemed well cooked, with that said, i am not a fish person so maybe they do a better job on fish then their meats.

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      scarlet_eater RE: tdterry Apr 15, 2012 08:21 PM

      Thanks for the reply! You bring up a good point-- what would be better to eat before a concert? We had already ruled out Restaurant Capeo because we didn't want to be in a pasta-coma at the show. Ashley's dinner menu looks amazing but I also don't want to have to rush through it because we're worried about making it across the river on time. After looking at all the menus, I think we've decided to go with the Capital Bar and Grill (yum, pimento cheese) or Bosco's (black bean tamale and beer? yes, please) for dinner, then make reservations for brunch the next morning at Ashley's. I'm looking forward to the fried green tomatoes and the sourdough buckwheat pancakes. Thanks again!

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