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Apr 11, 2012 09:45 AM

Radio City area, 6 people, ~$75pp max?

Hey all, trying to help my brother in law out on short notice. He's trying to find a place for Friday before an event at Radio City (which is at 10PM) for dinner. In terms of cuisine, fairly safe along the lines of New/Traditional American, Italian (a great Neopolitan pizza place included, has anyone been to Don Antonio), perhaps Spanish. Anyone have any ideas? No more than a bottle of wine will be purchased, if at all.

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  1. I'm gonna sound like a Shelly Fireman shill, but when I hear "6 people" and "fairly safe" around Radio City I always think Redeye Grill:

    Or, for Italian, Trattoria Dell Arte:

    Menus are on the websites; you'll come in under $75 pp comfortably...

    1. Don Antonio is great. Do a search on this forum for reviews.

      Also in the area is PizzArte. They don't have as many varieties as Don Antonio, but still very respectable. They also take reservations while Don Antonio does not.

      1. Another postiive view of Don Antonio - its not cheap, but given the area (and your budget) its reasonable. It wasnt better than our favorite neopolitan (Motorino) but they offer more variety of toppings - i liked the pistachio pesto/sausage pie quite a lot - and the novelty of the montanara (fried pizzas) which would be great in a group of 6 because everyone could have a slice or two if you ordered two fried ones and a few non-fried.

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          And you'll come well under $75 per person!

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            Thanks for the replies so far, everyone! I love Motorino, I recently had the fried pizza at Forcella and it was fantastic, but it doesn't seem like a good spot for six people unfortunately (that I can remember anyway). Don Antonio seems to have a solid antipasti menu which helps. Perhaps I'll try to steer him in this direction...

            1. re: alexinct

              Not sure why you think Forcella is not a good place for six people. We were there with seven people (the last stop on the uhockey pizza crawl). Of course, it's nowhere near the Music Hall.

              I agree with the Cheery and tex that Don Antonio is excellent. In addition to the antipasti, there's also a short dessert menu. They're not listed on the print menu, so our waited had to tell us what they are.

              Don Antonio photos:


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                RGR, thats your (totally delicious looking) Mialino photoset.

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                  Oops! Thanks for pointing that out, tex. :) Too late to edit. Here's the Don Antonio link:


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                  You're right about Forcella now that I think about it and remember the space in back of the oven. They decided on Don Antonio, hope it's good!

                  1. re: alexinct

                    We sat in the front at Forcella. Iirc, they pushed together a few tables to accommodate our group.

                    Hope they enjoy Don Antonio.