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Apr 11, 2012 09:36 AM

The Saint Tavern on Ossington

Went last night on their second official open night after happy hour at Boehmer ($6 glass of wine - you can't go wrong!).

Delish meal - massive servings. I had lardon perogies to start, husband had steak tartare. We shared a massive chicken pot pie with whiskey cheddar crust (their pie of the week) and a side of grilled asparagus. Nice staff. Reasonably priced wines by the glass. Very long bar with two TVs showing the Jays game. Vibe a cross between steakhouse, diner and tavern. We will return.

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      Did you go? How was it? I've heard some good things from a few friends.

      Has anyone tried their brunch?

      1. re: peppermint pate

        I actually ended up not going. I was in the mood for a for-sure good meal (didn't want to risk it) so I decided to go to Scaramouche instead. I know, quite the last minute upgrade. I will check it out when I feel like a more casual meal. It's pretty far for me for it to be "meh".

          1. re: justsayn


            Can you tell me more about their brunch menu? I have been there for dinner but have heard good things about brunch. Since they don't have a menu on the website, anything you could recommend? Thank you!

            1. re: kyra2224

              Hey Kyra, what did you have and enjoy on the dinner menu?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                I enjoyed the perogies, fried chicken (but that changes often so do inquire first), potted cheese. I have heard the meat platter is fantastic. The breakfast is also really delicious -- I had the proscuitto wrapped asaparagus with poached eggs + Hollandaise + potatoes (whipped with blue cheese and then fried). My friend had the salmon eggs benny, a classic done right. The scones are fantastic as well as the cinnamon sugar beignets.

                I would recommend the knob cobbler cocktail as well.

                1. re: kyra2224

                  Mmm sounds awesome! what is the potted cheese? and whats a knob cobbler cocktail?

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    The potted cheese changes daily but the last time I had it was goat cheese+olive oil+lemon+herbs with crostini. To die for.

                    The knob cobbler cocktail I believe in a bourbon based drink but it is fantastic. Not sure exactly the ingredients

              2. re: kyra2224

                I haven't eaten the brunch but I did take shots of the menu one night.

                1. re: kyra2224

                  Sorry, just saw this now! Grilled cheese is very simple but very very good. Good fries. Did I mention the cinnamon roll? lol Eggs with mushrooms was very good! Coffee is good. French toast sounded interesting...has anyone tried it? Prior visit I really liked the bennie.

                2. re: justsayn

                  Back again and have to say the cinnamon roll is particularly outstanding. Great service!

            2. Went last night, and really enjoyed. Service was excellent - greeting from host (very welcoming), waitress (super genuine manner, professional, patient and knowledgeable about menu & wine) and other wait staff who cleared plates etc (efficient, friendly, eyes on table when going back & forth to kitchen). Two of us shared the honey fennel side as an appetizer, each had a house-made roll ($1.50 each, and worth it) and the fried chicken dinner, and then shared the chocolate cake. Very happy with all courses. I love fennel, and this was nicely done - very flavourful. Chicken was exactly as waitress described - lightly battered, and very juicy and tender. Acccompanying fries were excellent. And the chocolate cake was "grandma style" - not fancy, just really good chocolate cake. Comfort/casual food at its best. Will return soon.

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              1. re: DRD

                also went last night....had the periogies, fried chicken, house curred salmon and cheesecake for dessert. All excellent as was the service. Good value too for quality and portion size. Good vibe in the room, loud but still able to have a conversation. Will return for sure.

              2. Dinner on Sat night with my bff and his dad. Overall a very good experience and I'm looking forward to my second visit sometime soon.

                Our reso was at 630 p.m. and the space was about 2/3 full and was jammed but the time we left around 9. The room can get rather loud by the time it is at full capacity but it adds to the buzz of the space. We sat in the first circular booth and it was spacious for 3, would be prefect for four and could squeeze five in for sure.

                The service for the whole evening was great. My water glass was never empty. I was asked about my beverage either just before or just after I finished. Crumbs were removed between courses. All the staff members were very knowledge and answered all of my questions in a enough detail to be meaningful but not over the top.

                We started with a dozen oysters a mix of east and west coast varieties. They were fresh, well shucked with little grit and lots of liquor left in the shell and were served with a generous mount of fresh grated horseradish and house made minuet. Great start to the meal for sure.

                We then shared the duck, bacon and fois sausage. My two dining companions really enjoyed it but for me it was overkill on the bacon flavour and the other items were a little lost in translation.

                For mains two of us ordered the bone-in strip med rare and the third ordered the Berkshire pork chop. We shared gratin potatoes, roasted potatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms.

                The steaks were cooked perfectly. They had great favour, a fair amount of fat and good solid grill char on the outside while being prefect med rare on the inside. The only downside for me was that they pre-sliced the steaks. Not my fav thing, but not a deal breaker either.

                The pork was moist and tender and full of flavour sitting on top of a portion of apple sauce. More of a fall dish for me but very well done with a hit of med pink in the centre of the meat.

                All of the sides were great. Perfectly cooked, well seasoned, and generous portions.

                For dessert we shared the house made warm pecan pie with house made vanilla ice cream. Two words - EAT IT! So good. It was the prefect end to a great dinner.

                Overall we had 10 drinks between the three of us and all of the above food and the bill before tip but including tax was $360. Not in the cheap category but IMO good value for money and an overall solid dining experience.

                1. Went for dinner last night. Good service, great atmosphere, above average food. Menu selection is excellent.
                  Started with oysters - perfect.
                  Had the Sunday Supper - no yorkies though, as the chef wasn't happy with them. Roast beef excellent!
                  Cheesecake seemed frozen, definitely not fresh. Pretty disappointing.
                  Overall will go back. Looking forward to trying brunch.

                  1. Went for dinner last night as well. Enjoyed the salt cod fritters, burger and a taste of my friend's nicoise salad. The service was very good. The kitchen apparently messed up my burger the first time they prepared it and did not want to send it out (not quite sure what happened), so they gave us an extra dish of potted cheese (very good) to apologize and tide us over. Overall, I was very pleased with the food and atmosphere, despite the minor issue with the wait time for the burger. I'd definitely go back to try more of the menu.