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Apr 11, 2012 09:33 AM

Recs in Ronda and surrounding areas?

We will be in Ronda next week. Just wondering if anyone has some great recs for restaurants in this area? My husband and I will be having a couple much needed nights out sans kiddos and would love to go somewhere special (not necessarily expensive), just wonderful ambience and food. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Also, we are looking for recommendations for great lunch spots that are kid friendly in the area.

Thanks much!

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  1. Hello Foodseeker, we enjoyed some nice tapas crawls in Ronda last summer. I wouldn't say these places had much ambience, but the food was very good. For a spectacular view and nice romantic ambience, share a bottle of wine at sunset on the terrace of Durquesa de Parcent (located across the gorge from the Parador). I would NOT eat there (tourist food), but they have the very best view of the gorge in Ronda (which makes up for the surly waiters). We liked the tapas at the following more simple and local places: Faustino (delicious mushroom dish and grilled squid also very good), Maestro Tapas (very local and tiny place, you stand at the bar) for fresh anchovies on toast and BBQd kidney skewers. Just outside the city walls (very short walk) is Almocobar, we loved their bocadilla sandwiches for lunch in their bar (small warm sandwiches with pork and Cabrales blue cheese), they also have a nice looking restaurant with dark wood ambience. We didn't have time to try it, but their food for both lunch and dinner should be good, I would guess. Enjoy beautiful Ronda!

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      Thanks so much for your response, AlixZ. Really appreciate it. Sounds like we will have some great options:)

    2. Rather than start a new thread for this:
      I stumbled upon a great little churreria in a courtyard in Ronda. They used what appeared to be a wooden, shoulder mounted churros press to squeeze out the dough; the churros were quite nice. The place was filled with older Spanish people getting their morning coffee. The chocolate was not that great, but I loved the atmosphere.

      I'm not sure the place even has a name, but it's in a courtyard at 17 Rios Rosas.