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Apr 11, 2012 09:07 AM

Denver Foodie Trip!

I'm going to Denver in a few weeks for the Jeff Mangum show. I haven't been to CO in about 5 years. That makes me sad. What are some good places to eat? My lady friend and I are very adventurous eaters and cook a lot. Does Denver have anything really strange and unusual? We're not really into "fancy places." I'd rather eat a lengua taco on the street from a grandma in Mexico than eat at Charlie Trotters. Plus we have a broke grad student budget...

I've just started looking, but so far on my list is Caribbean Bakery, Los Cabos II, Lao Wang Noodle House, and possibly Domo. I'm aware of Buckhorn. Just as a reference, I grew up butchering, hunting, fishing, ranching, and with a huge garden. My dad worked at a packing plant. Around the holiday season, my mom would trade ham and turkey for pupusas, tamales, Laotion, and Egyptian food. My first mountain oyster was cooked over a burner heating branding irons. I grew up eating "strange" things, so it has to be pretty weird to turn me off. My girlfriend was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in LA only eating authentic Chinese food. She likes the reviewws for lao wang. Any ideas on things to do would be great too. She's never been to the rocky mountains at all, so I'm pumped to show her. Depending on what the weather is doing and how the passes are, we'll camp at least one night somewhere. I'll figure that out when we go there. My top choice is Black Canyon of the Gunnison, or I'll show her some hot springs I know of in a secret spot in the Routt. I used to go to CO all the time in college, but any suggestions are welcome. The Casa Bonita south park came out when I was in college. The same night it came out, my roommates and I said screw our classes and drove 8 hours all night to go there. I might have to go there again too....

Sorry this got long. I'm pretty excited for this trip. Can you tell?

Also, is there any place to buy a raw cuy? I've been on a mission to find one for a few years, but have been unsuccessful.

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  1. The only ones on your list I've ever been to are Domo and Casa Bonita. Of course, no one goes to CB for the food (except maybe the sopaipillas), but Domo is a marvelous and unique experience, and this would be a great season to go there. (Just don't expect a chair with a back.)

    1. For the budget. Lao wang. if not open, Two doors to the right, Pho Dui, Bun Bo Hue.... Then one block south on the other side of Federal, Ban mi Ba Li, 3 bucks, outstanding........ Dynamite iced coffee and
      a jillion weird Asian drinks...... good luck
      Pablito el gordito

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        Don't forget J's Noodles right next to Lao Wang for awesome Thai.

      2. Give The Cherry Tomato a try if you and your lady like Italian. They have some really great wines, and a distinct menu - not your typical vanilla Italian restaurant. This is great food and quite reasonable.

        1. Domo is superb.

          Lao Wang is Taiwanese.

          Two dongbei places are He Xing Garden and East Asia Garden.

          A couple decent Sichuan dishes can be found at China Jade in Aurora.

          South Indian at Masalaa.

          Denver food at Biker Jim's.

          1. I'd recommend you try Q Table, it's in North Glenn which is just the north area of Denver. It's a buffet, BUT it's the best and not the same old. It's a Korean BBQ cook on your table buffet ($20 a person for dinner), you choose your meats and seafood and get to grill it on your table on your liking. It also has excellent sushi (best buffet sushi ever), Korean side dishes, some typical Chinese buffet dishes, and a chocolate fountain. Talk about bang for your buck. I went with 3 friends and we ate for two and half hours.

            I agree with others that Pho Duy is awesome and Domo is good. I'm going to try Lao Wang now.