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Apr 11, 2012 08:27 AM

O Paparico in Porto - Has anyone actually been?

Reviews on tripadvisor are a little "too" good if you know what I mean. That being said, I obviously don't want to miss it if it is actually that good. Whenever people seem to ask about it on this board, no one seems to provide a response, so I just wanted to see if anyone has actually been and, if so, if it is worth a stop.


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  1. I regret I have not been, and had the same feeling... But reading Portugueses comments on the restaurant, they are also very positive. So might be worth a try; I wil certainly go next time I am in Porto. The reports all say that bookings are advisable (always a good sign too!).
    Please report if you go.
    This review also:

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      Thans Monchique. I found the same review. (I spent more time than I care to admit researching this, but did not quite venture to trying to learn portuguese...) It just always worries me when there are no negative reviews. If there are negative reviews of Per Se, Noma, Fat Duck, etc, there should certainly be some everywhere!

      So far we are planning to go to Pedro Lemos, Foz Velha, Casa Aleixo and A Grade. We have room for one more dinner so we will see whether I cave and choose Paparico...Have you been to any of those mentioned above and either recommend for/against?

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        I don't go too often to Porto, and it is mostly for meetings, so food is not of my chosing. However, I have been several times to Foz Velha, and like his style of cuisine. Pedro Lemos is considered tops at the moment, very good reputation. I have not heard of the others, sorry.

        I also hear great things of the restaurant in the new hotel Yeatman the other side of the river in Vila Nova de Gaia, it has now a Michelin star and the view is superb over the town. Try to go if only for a drink...

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          I'll be there in late May -- with friends from a couple of Port lodges. It's Yeatman's for a drink, and Pedro Lemos AND O Paparico for dinners . . .

    2. Just got back from a trip through Spain and Portugal with the girlfriend. Had dinner there the other night (05/10/12) on the recommendation of the concierge from the Intercontinental in Porto. He even showed us the tripadvisor page ranking it as #1 in Porto. He was also 100% sure we would be satisfied. We had no idea what we were getting into. It's a little out of the tourist area and you'll need a cab to get there. You'll also need to knock and have the waiter let you in. Knock loudly. Before being seated we were offered an apertif. Lovely. We had the veal terrine in a port sauce, some black jamon - which is fed some specific thing, like the Portugese equivalent of acorn fed - and also a wedge of cheese from the Serra de Estrella and olives. They were placed at out table before we were even seated. We didn't order them, and I'm sorry to say I can't remember exactly what they were called on the menu. The terrine was great and the jamon was nice and buttery and melt in your mouth good. Then as our main course we shared the octopus with cherry tomatoes and potato. It was the best octopus we've ever had, by far. Very tender. And served as four whole tentacles. As a dessert we had the tangerine orchard. Which was tangerine served in a number of ways. As a sorbet, as a cake, as a cookie, and as a marmalade type thing. With it we had a great bottle of wine. The service was great. English is spoken fluently by all three of our servers. And Sergio, who I guess is the owner, was our main waiter. He was very helpful and excited to have us eating there. The whole meal cost about 115 Euros - we can't remember exactly. And that was with a 42 Euro wine. If it's still on the wine list then I highly suggest ordering it. It had the aroma of a port or even an icewine but was dry and complex and mineral. Overall, O Paparico was the best meal of our trip. And we had the leftovers for lunch the next day.

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        Thank you for the post. Obviously worth the try!

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          Thanks for your report - O Paparico goes onto my list of places to try on my next visit to Porto.
          I was gratified to see the photo of the wine you enjoyed was from Quinta das Bageiras, one of my favorite Portuguese producers. A white from 1994 no less! If you don't know, Portugal has a wealth of excellent grapes which are mostly unknown in other places. Current Bageiras whites are made from a blend of Bical and Maria Gomes, while the reds are mostly Baga, a notoriously tannic and somewhat difficult grape. Very traditional production - foot stomping (reds), large neutral oak, no filtration...tend to improve with age. You can actually find wines from this Quinta in the Newark/NYC area.

        2. tripadvisor fulminations are always a reason to be scared of something but this restaurant is the real deal. impeccable traditional portuguese with the loveliest service. great wine, and they let me steal the olive oil from the table. (i later learned i could get it in specialty shops: it's made by quinto do vale meào, the mega wine producer in douro.) in this case, the tripadvisor people got it right. it's incredibly high quality food, posh-trad but with a bit of kitsch, and all done by really young people, as much of the more interesting stuff in porto is. can't recommend it enough. i ate very well in porto, and all over, but this place was my favorite.

          1. We had an OUTSTANDING meal there...