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Apr 11, 2012 07:08 AM

Best eats in Cozumel? Specifically San Miguel

We're coming to dive and to eat, celebrating a pretty special birthday as well. We'll probably eat breakfast and lunch at our hotel, but could use some great recommendations for dinners.

We are looking for the best mexican we can find for the birthday dinner - for two people.

Any other recommendations both high end and hole in the wall welcome.

Thank you!

I did a search but the 2008 thread is mostly outdated and a lot of the recommended restos have closed.


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  1. I have been diving 20+ years in Cozumel, and 2 old faithfuls are La Choza, 1 block east of the square, and Plaza Leza, on the s side of the square in San Miguel.
    La Choza does an economical and authentic daily comida casera popular with locals, plus an extensive menu of good fresh mexican fare with fish, mole, rellenos, soups, interesting salsa.
    Plaza Leza is fun, sit right on the square in comfortable chairs and enjoy the best 'ritas - they squeeze the limes at the bar fresh for each one. My favorite food items there are the queso fundito with chorizo appetizer, and the caracol al mojo de ajo (conch grilled with garlic). A lot of divers find their way there and swap stories of their day's adventures.

    1. Cozumel has a wide range of dining choices. On the high end try Kinta. Very favorable reviews.
      Mid priced I would choose Casa Mission. Been there a long time and a beautiful location in an old home.
      Low end but worth the trip are El Pique on 30th and La Perlita off 65th. Both cater to locals. El Pique for anything pork and La Perlita for seafood. If you should rent a speargun and catch some lionfish, La Perlita will gladly cook them up for you. Mucho delisioso. BTW I like La Choza too. What dive op are you using?

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        No spearing in Cozumel - the Palancar Reef is a protected area. "Take only pictures - leave only bubbles". You can spear all you want off the mainland except for the Chinchorro Reef and Ambergris Caye in Belize. A shame about the lionfish proliferation. At least they are resonably good eating.

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          The Marine Park has sponsored lionfish hunts. Right now there is a post on Scubaboard under Cozumel from an avid spearfisherman. He used "Spearfishing Cozumel" to take him fishing. Triggers, snapper, barracuda, lionfish. If you search "spearfishing" on the Cozumel board you'll find lots of posts on the subject. That said, you can only spear lionfish in the Park.
          I have been to La Perlita on more than one occasion when someone brought in recently speared lionfish for their eating pleasure. Lionfish are really yummy.