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Apr 11, 2012 06:55 AM

Foodies For 5 Days in Paris

Can you please tell me the must-eats in Paris as i will be there for 5 days in May. i prefer off the beaten path to touristy places. That's not to say i won't eat at popular places because they are popular, just looking for the most authentic experience! I would love a mixture of fine dining, street eating, and casual spots! thank you!!

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  1. That's a very broad question - one that is asked frequently with few replies because Paris has far more wonderful places to dine than you can experience in a year, much less 5 days. And in any major city, there are a multitude of authentic experiences. Can you narrow your inquiry by your location, budget range, daytime activities, etc.?

    A useful starting point is - but there are many, many more great places to eat And don't be disappinted if there are other English-speakers around. I imagine 80% of the posters on the board end up at Chez L'Ami Jean when we are tourists in Paris - and see the lovely post on touristy Bofinger