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Apr 11, 2012 06:54 AM


Off to Kill Devil Hills for the Memorial Day week. This will be our first time in the area. Rec's please.
Many thanks,

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  1. The Outer Banks isn't a food mecca, somewhat surprisingly, and there is not a lot of active posting on here about it. Have you looked at some of the the previous threads?:

    I've enjoyed Kill Devil Grill in the past.

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    1. I have loved the Blue Point restaurant for years.

      1. My family vacations in the OBX every summer-we love it! If you like seafood, you have to visit Awful Arthur's in KDH. Their crab balls are delicious & their KDH cocktail is on the money. It is an oyster shooter (the oyster is shucked right at the bar), with beer & a nicely spiced cocktail sauce added to it. We usually stock the kitchen at our rental house so we don't eat out too much-but we make it our business to go to Awful Arthur's at least twice during the week for lunch.

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          Try Colington Cafe, may very well be the best all around restaurant on the OBX.

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            Collington is a class act although expensive. I ate there once and it is the best of the best. Even had friends do take out appetizers to trim the costs.

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              Many thanks, sounds like we will not miss Colington Cafe.

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                Colington Cafe looks like a tourist trap, and not a particularly good one. We've had good food at Blue Point, Kill Devil Grill and 1587 in the past. This year we're going to stay in Duck for Memorial Day week, probably going to try the Paper Canoe.

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                  I second Kill Devil Grill and Blue Point even though it's in Duck.

            2. re: fredb2548

              agree. had a fantastic dinner there last night. the setting was great, service was excellent, and the food was some of the best restaurant food we have had in obx. i had a tomato and spinach salad with tapenade - the best tomatos that i have had all season. for dinner i had one of the two fish specials: pan fried tile fish with tasso, a small crab cake, smoked gouda mashed potatoes, and succotash. others in our group of 16 had filets, crabcakes, tuna, tuna/filet mixed grills, etc. hald the people had salads that were large enough to share. we ordered two deserts and they brought us two others on the house to sample. we also had seven bottles of wine. the final bill was $50 per person, plus tip.

          2. We have a cottage in Duck and one of our favorites is J.K.'s, at mile post 9 in KDH, on the bypass. If you're in the mood for beef, it's cooked on wood burning grills and is wonderful. Consistently good food and service. It's worth the price, IMO.

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              We went to The Sanderling last year for our 30th wedding anniversary, spent two nights there. Fabulous food, and a great experience. I love it out there! We'd like to go back sometime and spend more time exploring the towns. We spent our time driving down to Hatteras, and then went up to Corolla the day we left. We were visiting our son and his family up in Va beach, drove down there for a mini vacation within a vacation.