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Apr 11, 2012 06:53 AM

Is there any decent place in Breckenridge for lunch?

We want to take someone out to lunch, but cant think of a place that offers more than the ubiquitous burger. In the past, we have gone to Blue River Bistro but it has gone downhill in the past years. All the other places we find acceptable are only open for dinner.

We are open to any cuisine, prefer something on the lighter side. Tx.

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  1. Head up the road a few miles to Frisco and go to FoodHedz, near the Wal-Mart on the west side of Hwy 9. Sign over the door reads "Cafe" or something like that. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

    1. sad to hear that blue river bistro is going downhill. i used to love that place. mi cantina has pretty good mexican food, but many would not consider most mexican cuisine "light". so not sure if that would work. i know u said lunch, but if u are looking for a great, upscale dinner try hearthstone. one of the best meals ive had in a while. theres a place called downstairs at erics thats a bar and grill type place with burgers and all that, but they do have quite a few different salads on the menu. all these places have websites for the locations.

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        Thanks Claire and Cookin,

        We wound up at Gianpietro's , an Italian place off Main. The pizza was not bad, probably better than most in Breck, and my husband's clams in white sauce was delicious. The italian roast beef sandwich (daily special) also looked great. We tried to return a other night for dinnner, but there was an hr's wait. (They dont take res.) even as other restos were empty.

        Thanks for the rec of FoodHez. We will check it out next time. Just got home last night after a harrowing drive down the mtn on I-70 through a blizzard close to the tunnel. Many fishtailing and spinouts and trucks stopped right on the highway. Thank God we know how to drive in mtn s ow! Apparantly alot of others dont. They must be from Denver.

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          so while it was raining here in denver, it was snowing at the tunnel. that drive can be harrowing indeed. will have to check out gianpietro's and foodhedz next time we're in brecky! glad u enjoyed ur meal.