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Apr 11, 2012 06:33 AM

Carole Peck closing Zee Burger April 12, 2012

it will reopen with another name by someone else.

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  1. GEEZ, that's crazy--not even a year later and b'bye? On the other hand, speaking of crazy, what's up with that wild boar with blonde pigtails on the Bilda Burger logo?! Oh, Hilda/Bilda--some sort of inside joke? I'm sticking with crazy. And gosh, yeah, there aren't enough burger joints around these days...thank goodness another one is opening there...

    ETA--more info here in case anyone is interested:

    1. Not surprising. Thought it was terrible.

      1. I think that's too bad. I drove by here on Sunday, saw the sign and immediately got a craving for a juicy lucy blue burger, my favorite there. It will be interesting to see how the new operation goes. I wonder what he means when he says that he wants it to be a "town kind of place".

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        1. re: junescook

          I thought you had liked it, so I'm sorry you missed out on one last of your favorite! I wasn't sure about that "town kind of place" comment, either--or about Carole herself saying, "But I have to think of my health and what I'm doing, too." The first made me think it would have less of a "destination" kind of appeal to that how you read it?

          P.S. to you, junescook--I hope you saw the alpaca segment on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks back! :) Made me think of you.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            We did, thanks. Cute and soft about says it.

            Funny saying that you wouldn't want your restaurant to be the knd of place anyone would want to drive to. I think it is more of a political statement vis-a-vis the zoning boards and commissions. The town went through all sorts of legal maneuvers over a period of months to keep someone from opening a Dunkin Donuts (an outsider) in what has now become a huge, entirely empty brand new building, just down the street from a slightly older completely empty office type building.

            1. re: junescook

              Ah, that makes much more sense--it's good to have the inside scoop. Out of context, it was definitely a puzzler. And glad you guys caught the cuteness--cool!