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Apr 11, 2012 06:24 AM

wine pairing for pasta with ramps?

Any ideas?

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  1. Just pasta and ramps? No sauce? The sauce could change it.
    How about a nice white wine, like a Rhone or something from Italy?

    1. As said before me, if there is either cream, tomato or mushroom in the sauce things will change dramatically. Also if the sauce veers into the "roasted/carmelized" arena things change dramatically.

      Many Italian white wines will go well. Pinot Gris/Grigio is very easily available.
      Maybe a Sauvignon Blanc.

      Be careful to just blindly select a Rhone white -as there are tons of varietals in the Rhone and therefore a ton of different wines to pick from.

      Make sure to avoid wines with a lot of oak/vanilla notes also wines that are super floral. You want a bright, green apple acidity wine with a hint of grassiness or arugla/pepper. To go with the bright/green/funk flavors in ramps.

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        Basically just pasta, olive oil, ramps, chili flakes, salt and breadcrumbs. It's a Babbo recipe. It makes me think of aglio olio e peperoncino.

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          If the ramps are cooked enough, that they start getting sweet you'll want a bit of a softer wine than the notes I mentioned above. I think that plus the chili flakes, would make me think of an Alsace/German/Austrain white.

          A Dry Riesling or Gruner Vetliner.

          Pinot Gris/girgio will still work as long as it has some softer/sweeter notes. Look for mentions of stone fruit, vanilla etc.

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            I had this in Berlin a couple of years back. They paired it with a Pinot gris from the Rheinhessen.

        2. Number of possible Southern Italian/Sicilian whites that would match general style:
          Falanghina, Inzolia, Ischia bianco, Greco di Tufo, Ciro Bianco, Vesuvio bianco.

          1. Pasta and ramps w/o cream: Fiano
            Pasta and ramps w/cream: Gavi.

            We're having that for dinner tonight with a little "help" from some lamb kebabs. :D