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Apr 11, 2012 06:07 AM

If I say RUE Jean-Talon OUEST (west) between DECARIE and St-Laurent in Montreal

what are in your opinion MUST TRY places like restaurant, food experience, unique groceries to buy?

I will start with Baton Rouge on Decarie for ribs. No the best but they do the job.

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    1. between decarie and l'acadie, there's La Sirene

      right after l'acadie there's a good mix of indian and a few greek restaurants, like curry house, bombay mahal, India's Oven... Greek there's village du souvlaki.

      For typical Montreal Pizza - Miss Montreal

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      1. re: J1836

        "For typical Montreal Pizza - Miss Montreal"

        I think you mean Miss Jean Talon.

        1. re: ios94

          Miss Montreal was at 7600 Decarie, corner Pare.

            1. re: satana_666

              If you noticed I wrote in the past tense. Miss Montreal closed in the late 60s, early 70s.

      2. There's Kitchen Galerie on Jean-Talon a couple of blocks away from St-Laurent.

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        1. re: Jaetee

          Kitchen Galerie is Jean-Talon EAST (just barely).

          A lovely, tiny Vietnamese byow hole in the wall, near St-Urbain: Nhu Y. You will find references to it on this board.

          The clothing store next to the Parc/Jean-Talon Loblaws is called Joe Fresh. You can often find stuff 50% at Loblaws, just before "best-before" date, and there is good imported food in a central aisle there, as befits the multi-culti neighbourhood of Parc-Extension.

          1. re: lagatta

            Stick to the WEST side will start an EAST thread.
            Please repost in correct thread

        2. there are a bevvy of good small family owned restos especially when you hit close to the JTMarket. Greek food is at its best but I can't recall the resto name except to say it sits at a corner of Jean Talon on North side...but there are all kinds of good restaurants on this stretch of the city...Plus you can never go wrong to hit up any of the restos right at the market on Jean Talon...btw if you need a loose pair of pants after all your fab dinners then head to Loblaws and the biggest Joe Clothing Store at the corner of Hutchison, (I know where just not the names)

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          1. re: blondee_47

            Would it be Panama? Agree that it is very good. Avoid La Sirene at all costs in my opinion, overpriced plates made with Uncle Ben's rice and frozen veggies...not worth it at all (even the fish store is bland and expensive...)

            1. re: jfprieur

              @JFPRIEUR: Give me a break will you about la Sirene. Bland fish store?!? are you serious?
              What happened to you with them to hate it so much?!?

              I don't know if it was you on another thread but I asked what is your favorite lebanese restaurant? I need to find a great LEBANESE place please (no fast food),

              La Sirene is expensive but they're not in milos price range neither.

              Saying to avoid la Sirene is telling people what/where they should eat or not.
              Not telling them the reasons doesn't help the reader.

              They have some decent food even if they're not great at everything. I love their hummus and chicken. I hate their watery taboule and spicy fatouch without olive oil. Love their shrimps mixed with their own concoction of spice (got to find out that recipe). They need to hire a chef that knows how to grill and cook fish. And a chef for salds and taboule.

              On the other side my experience at panama a few years back was plenty of food but tasteless and bland from salad to meats. Have they improved? Would give them another try one day to see where they stand.

              1. re: maj54us

                I live nearby and go fairly regularly (not my choice), decent does not cut it at the price they charge. Panama for the price point was good, have not been in a while. Don't have a vendetta against La Sirene, just the price they charge and attitude they have.

                1. re: jfprieur

                  you go there regularly and it's not your choice? Okay did you marry my wife's sister. lol
                  You must try nostos on acadie for greek food. great chicken, great pork souvlaki and the gyros was really good also. They all have flavors. Panama was all bland.

                  As for la Sirene, they were so cheap like 10 years ago and now they moved to the mid-upscale prices. They have to tweaks things but they are not a terrible place at all to eat.

                  As for attitude I always had good service but a little on the too much side. Like it wasn't natural if you know what I mean. Not forced warmness but a bit too much.

                  1. re: maj54us

                    Love Nostos, go there when I hit the Costco. Close, I go with my Mom ;)

          2. Indian faves: Curry & Naan, Bombay Mahal and Maison Indian Curry
            OK Vietnamese: Lyla

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            1. re: hungryann

              Is Curry & Naan changing name or their sign since their real name was never C&N ?

              1. re: maj54us

                I'm not sure. I think they are the same owners as the previous Delhi Bombay. Is that what they changed their name to?

                1. re: maj54us

                  curry & naan is now called chand palace. the last time i was there, they told me that they changed owners and that the outdoor sign will be changed soon.

                  1. re: eatingproject

                    oh, oh I hope it doesn't mean the menu/food will change

                    1. re: hungryann

                      or the chef!!!! please no please no