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Apr 11, 2012 01:24 AM


Has anyone been to this? I've just noticed this year it's on the same day we are planning on being at the zoo and wondered what it was like?

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  1. I have been many times and I think it's a blast. A zillion restaurants handing out tiny portions of many different things, how can that not be fun? If you don't like one thing you can have the next thing. There are always certain trendy dishes that get repeated too much but in general there's a huge variety.

    However, it's not that great to combine with a trip to the actual zoo. They close the zoo early and clear everyone out and then you have to come back later. Also, it's kind of crazy expensive, even when I have never paid full price (have always had member, volunteer or employee discount). But we count it as a birthday or anniversary and hey, we could never throw such a huge party ourselves, right?

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      Thanks wombat, well the whole holiday is a birthday treat so i have the excuse!
      I have my eye on the lion lounge tickets at $175 so just have to convince the other half!

    2. I'd love to hear what others think. I'm on the fence this year. I've gone twice, both times pregnant, so while I partook of the "all you can eat" aspect with reckless abandon, I've never gotten to enjoy the adult beverages. This year, trying to lose the baby weight and one day send my kids to college, I'm trying to decide if we can justify the cost ($150 for FONZ members, $200 for non -- hannikins, where have you seen lion lounge tickets at $175? That's the "VIP" version -- did it last year, somewhat worth it.)

      Oenophiles, any thoughts on these wines and wine providers?
      Between gourmet fare, enjoy wine from local and international vineyards. Featured vintners include:

      •Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
      •Barrel Oak Winery
      •Constellation Wines US
      •Dry Creek Vineyard, Left Coast Cellars, Toad Hollow Winery
      •Freixenet USA
      •J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
      •(Oops) Wines, Santos Sangria, Chocolato
      •Pearson's Wine and Liquor
      •Pedroncelli Winery, Donati Family Vineyards
      •Prestige Wine Group
      •Terlato Wines International
      •The Seeker
      •Treasury Wine Estates
      •Veritas Vineyard & Winery
      •Willowcraft Farm Vineyards
      •WJ Deutsch & Sons

      On the restaurants, is it just me or is the quality of participants going down? They have Citronelle, Marcel and Restaurant Eve -- don't have Vidalia, and I'm quite sure they participated last year.

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        They were on living social, it ended last week and I bought tickets as a last night of the holiday treat. I didn't realise wine etc was included, looking forward to it a little more now :p

      2. Okay--I'm a Baltimorean. Unfortunately our Baltimore "Zoomerang" no longer exits. It was a delightful event. Most similar to the D.C. event.

        I can imagine that Zoofari in the D.C. Zoo must be comporable to our long lost venue. It's a great cause and if you can afford to go--I would suggest that you do so. My husband and I would ourselves go this year, but have a previous out-of-town engagement. I am sure that many more Chowhounds will guide you--those who are actually familiar with the event. If you go, plese repot back. It's a night that I regret that I can't atttend. FoiGras