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Apr 11, 2012 01:04 AM

How to Hold Potatoes Together?

Nice idea (I'd be glad to just have potatoes) - but how in heck does one hold the smashed potatoes together? I got just "Smashed Hashed" - it also seems a fair amount of oil needed.

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  1. Yes, you need a lot of oil. 6-8 minutes for the first side, the recipes says, which is a very long time in terms of flipping/stirring things. I also wouldn't be against using a nonstick pan.

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      Yes - used a cast iron pan - but maybe less oil than could have been - in any case they were browned - and almost blackened - but not the slightest hint of holding together. The flipping was indeed 'flipping' ;-)

      Maybe dependent on type of potato - maybe should just make 'hash brown (shredded potato) patties'

    2. Well, they do fall apart to a certain extent, but the skin should hold most of the flesh together. I find that a full 20 minutes cooking makes them properly soft, and therefore a more controllable smash is possible. Also just using the back of a fork works well and the fork can be used to distress the potatoes a little more if needed. We just brush with melted butter, add salt & pepper and roast until a bit crispy (for about 45 minutes) for a great side to hot or cold meats. The boiling bit can happen the day before with no quality loss.

      Edit: Apologies, but I confess that I've only now fully read the recipe in that thread and realise that what I've suggested is rather a different dish. Good though, and the squashing bit stands.