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What's your very most favorite PB&J combination?

I'm looking for a little excitement here. But it has to be something I can get fairly easily, so please, no flaked coconut grilled over a fire 200 miles east of Papua, New Guinea. Make it easy for me, okay?

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  1. I stir my homemade granola into the pb , top w sliced banana, with a drizzle of honey on a good hearty toasted grain bread.

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      that sounds amazing. i don't even like peanut butter!

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        It is... try it.
        I actually make my own nut butter too, mix it w granola and sell it! Its my future retirement plan when I get enough courage to quit my day job. ;)

    2. Here in the Willamette Valley we get the best blackberries. My wife makes and cans blackberry jam in the summer so we have it year round. Obviously you won't have any of my wife's homemade jam but I' m sure any home made jam would do.

      My favorite is creamy Skippy peanut butter with the aforementioned jam served open face on a toasted English muffin.

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        I'm with you. My fave is Teddie Super Crunchy PB w/ seedless blackberry jam!!

      2. Trader Joes peanut butter with flax seeds, apricot jam on darkly toasted whole wheat.

        1. Very simple; spoon, crunchy peanut butter, strawberry jam. No need for bread or anything else to muck up what i'm going after.

          1. Seek out the largest granny smith apple you can find. sliced thick spread sunflower peanut butter and apple butter between two apple slices, repeat... until that entire apple is inside your very happy tummy.

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              Do you mean Sunflower Butter (made from Sunflower Seeds) or Sunflower and Peanut Butter (made from both Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts)?

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                DougR, either works for me! I was referring to this product tho: http://ohsheglows.com/2010/09/12/orga...

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                  OK. I figured that you were referring to Sunflower Seed Butter, and that the word "Peanut" simply found it's way in there. Just wanted to be sure.

            2. Will you hate me if I say that my favorite PB&J is just plain old Skippy's PB with Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly?

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                That would be a little like hating someone for preferring Mustard with their Ham.

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                  ha! hardly. grew up on the stuff!

                2. Grilled is good, as is nutella but then it wouldn't be PB&J. A little butter, good white bread (because there is such a thing, not Wonder), flattened like a grilled cheese.

                  1. i PB two pieces of bread, then add bananas, slap them together, dunk them in french toast batter (egg, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, sugar), then in crushed cornflakes, and pan fry. Crispy pb banana stuffed french toast. doesnt get any better than that.

                    1. Skippy Extra Chunky and Steen's Pure Cane Syrup....On bread, or a Ritz, or a Nilla Wafer.;)


                      1. Thinking that the only way to make a purist PB&J is to have the best PB and your favorite J with good bread. My favorite is with peach jam. I rarely make one, but when I do, it's with peach jam. Heaven.

                        1. I prefer Pumpernickle or Black bread. I also like ripe bananas added.

                          How about a sandwich made of a single warmed, hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with one jar of creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon? The Fool's Gold.

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                            Skippy crunchy pb on celery.

                            On a chocolate chip cookie.

                            On a Graham cracker.

                          2. Three favorites:

                            1. peanut butter sprinkled with cinnamon on toasted bread
                            2. peanut butter + sliced green apples + sliced bananas (both sliced thin, but not paper thin) + plum jam on toasted bread
                            3. peanut butter + dill pickles on any kind of bread.

                            1. A well toasted English muffin, creamy peanut butter, sliced banana, drizzled with honey. Buttering the muffin first is an occasional splurge. I feel too guilty using butter and peanut butter at the same time. :-)

                              The toasted English muffin provides the crunch so I use creamy pb for it's silky mouth-feel.

                              1. One of my favorite sandwiches is actually thick slices of cold, good quality butter and blackberry jam in dense, multigrain bread. But I suppose it doesn't offer as much in the way of protein as the classic pb & j.

                                1. good dense whole grain bread
                                  softened (unsalted) butter (both slices)
                                  Skippy Super Chunky Peanut Butter (both slices)
                                  Knotts Blackberry Jam in the middle

                                  1. Sorry to be as exciting as an old wet sock, but for me, nothing beats plain old white bread spread with chunky peanut butter & Welch's Grape Jelly. Sighingly wonderful comfort food.

                                    1. Chunky PB with currant jelly on white toast ... Makes me think of being a kid, just in from swimming and still a little cold. It was essence of comfort.

                                      1. Good white bread with Skippy peanut butter, grape Jam (never ever jelly) and a layer of sliced banana is my go-to pbj combo, but every now and then I get all crazy and buy Jif and apricot jam, which HAS to be Smucker's. And If I have Campbell's cream of tomato soup in the house, so much the better....

                                        1. Buzzfeed has a list of 55 different ways to use PB&J - warning, some of them may make you feel rather ill.

                                          1. PB with Pumpkin Butter or Apple Butter and minced roasted pumpkin seeds
                                            PB + Apricot Jam + White Chocolate Chips
                                            PB + Cherry Preserves + Dried Bing Cherries + a little Nutella
                                            PB + Nutella or Chocolate Spread + Crushed Pretzels
                                            PB + Apricot Jam + Crushed Pretzels
                                            PB + Grape Jelly + Himalayan or Hawaiian Sea Salt

                                            1. The new(ish) Planters peanut butter is tasty and has the classic silky/sticky peanut butter mouth-feel. If I want a simple but nourishing sweet, peanut butter and a GOOD strawberry preserves on graham crackers with a glass of milk is a true comfort food treat. For a sandwich, a good all-natural peanut butter (freshly ground is ideal) on a hearty bread is the start. Sprinkle on a touch of salt. Add sliced banana, and finally drizzle with honey. Eat cold or toast sandwich. Accompany with milk!

                                              1. My current favorite J for a PB&J is Ginger People ginger spread: http://www.gingerpeople.com/gluten-fr...

                                                On toast with crunchy natural peanut butter, open face.

                                                1. PB&Co. Dark Chocolate dreams peanut butter on a slice of wheat toast with a half sliced ripe banana over top. Good excuse for dessert for breakfast :)

                                                  I also often stir peanut butter into my oatmeal. I will do naturally nutty toffee pb, sometimes add flax seed (for the health component), or a few mini chocolate chips (distinctly not for the health component!), or banana, or apple.

                                                  And I agree with the person who said just an apple with pb! Possibly my favorite snack of all time. I love peanut butter! Speaking of snack--a pretzel rod is a nice dipper for that dark chocolate dreams peanut butter

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                                                      too much to drink last night?

                                                      1. re: treb

                                                        lol, no, I'll admit it's not my favorite...but I've enjoyed it it's still very much worth trying.