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Apr 10, 2012 09:03 PM

Food ideas for Bachelor party

Going to be in the city with a group of 13 males. Looking for great suggestions for fun places for lunches and dinners. The group is all very open and adventurous eaters. Not in the price range or mood for ultra fine dining or tasting menus, however have no problem spending $35 on an entree. No particular cuisine is desired. Open to all suggestions.

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  1. The Tacoshop @ Underdog's on Irving St. in SF.

    1. Starbelly- pizza and other yummy morsels with good beer on tap, nice atmosphere
      Beretta- Italian, small plates, pizza, fun communal table.

      I second the Taco Shop

      1. You will definitely want to look into reservations for that big a group. Price Ranges may be a little off but some ideas:

        Traditional Steak House/More "male" (in my head) type places:
        House of Prime Rib
        Tadich Grill
        Wayfare Tavern

        As a bonding experience - maybe do a tripe/offal dinner?
        Incanto (does special themed dinners like whole pig/leg of beast and has a back room)