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Apr 10, 2012 08:08 PM

sufflok county clam hunt

ive lived on long island now for almost 4 years...someone please HELP!!

im looking for whole belly fried clams in suffolk county...lightly breaded, deep fried whole fresh clams...not frozen clam new england they come overstuffed on a buttered and grilled hot dog bun with a little tartar sauce...its called a clam roll...WHERE ARE THE WHOLE BELLIES?!?!?!


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  1. Not sure where you are RlinLI but there are belly clams at Legal in Huntington, Southold Seafood Market in Southold, Buoy 1 in Riverhead and Westhampton, Bostwick's in East Hampton. Coll? Help us out?

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    1. re: emarcus

      I'm in patchogue...i've only found one place that has them, its a seafood type shack place out in amagansett (sp?) on the way to montauk point...they were good, but they bread them in some kind of corn meal breading....the ones back home are done with a light four dusting...yummmm!
      thank you for the suggestions tho...ive never heard of any of these places...usually when i ask the question to people at work i get reccommendations for places and i get there and its only clam strips :o(
      I will most def be checking out some of your reccommendations tho!


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        That's the Napeague Clam Bar. I've had the clams there; they're not too good. All of the above suggestions are better, and Buoy 1 in Westhampton isn't all that far. However, if you're really into Ipswich clams you should probably take a field trip to Nassau, to Bigelow's in Rockville Centre, probably the best venue for Ipswich clams.

    2. They're just not native to here, and not that well known as our local ones. I once had some plain, not on a roll just piled on a plate, and I'm pretty sure they were frozen to begin with. This was out in Montauk at a place that's not even in business anymore. They are very elusive for sure. But then again, I haven't been looking lately. I will update you as the summer goes on! It will be my quest.

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        ill take em without the roll if i can get em!! usually they are done with fresh shucked steamer clams...these are soft shell clams...ive noticed around here in suffolk, they mostly just have cherrystone type hard shell little necks...a good fried clam needs a good neck to it...little neck clams are better for chowders, stuffies, entrees, etc. Im glad Im not the only one on the hunt!!

        1. re: RIinLI

          Buoy 1 in Riverhead and Westhampton!

      2. I'm from Maine and the best I've had have been at Nicky's Clam Bar in Bay Shore, directly across from Fire Island Ferry terminal. But they probably won't have the New England style hot dog roll that can be buttered and grilled.

        1. Braun's To Go in Cutchogue has fried clam bellies. They always have cherrystones, sometimes they have steamer clam bellies. There's also Billy's By the Bay in Greenport.....but I wouldn't recommend that place.

          1. The best bellies, most like New England I've had were at Legal seafood. On a are occassion The Shack in Centerport has them, but they're not as good.