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Apr 10, 2012 07:44 PM

heading to Detroit

Must be in Detroit area (Novi) for our thirtieth anniversary. Any thoughts on a nice, not ridiculously pricey, place to have dinner on a Tuesday night? Don't want to drive too far (not downtown). Husband is not into Asian cuisine of any kind. Thanks for any help!

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  1. I'm not a Westsider, but I know you could do a lot worse than Toasted Oak. Reasonably romantic and upper-mid in price.

    1. Diamond Jim Brady's in the Novi Town Center is a favorite. Small, unique and cozy. They're taking reservations now; Probably a good idea as the waits can be lengthy.
      If Mary's there, tell her that Sony Bob said "Hey!"

      1. the Lark in West Bloomfield ( would not be that far, and would be really great for a 30th anniversary - very small, quiet, romantic, great ambiance.
        It is pricy, but a great experience nonetheless. OK I haven't been in a while and I just checked the website - prices are quite a bit higher then I remember (.e.g. the signature Rack of Lamb is $88 for 3 bone, $96 for 4 bone - I remember paying $60-65 ,and if you were not satisfied with your serving they would bring you more at no additional charge).
        I like DJ Brady's as well. It can be a little noisy there.

        1. I have to say I haven't been there in years, but I always used to enjoy Steve and Rocky's in Novi.

          Maisano's for Italian is pretty good:

          For Mexican, there is El Nibble Nook... two locations; Livonia and West Bloomfield. The West Bloomfield location is probably closest to Novi, depending on where in Novi you'll be.


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            I definitely second the Steve and Rocky's recommendation. Classic but inventive. Very enjoyable.

          2. As much as I love DJ Bistro for lunch and Toasted Oak for the Charcuterie....

            I am gonna recommend "The Forest Grill". I am going to stand by that statement with out reservation.

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              Thank you all! Checked out all the restaurants' web sites for menu, etc. Will come back with choice and thoughts next week. You chowhounds are the best!

              1. re: mommydoh

                Anyone had the spring menu at forest grill? I checked the reviews and got excited about the duck and the bread pudding, 2 of my favorite foods! The reviews are almost uniformly positive,too. So I look at the new menu and the pudding is gone and the duck is now that old chestnut "duck a l'orange" with duck confit and fennel confit and carrot batons. "confit" does not say "spring" to me. It says french farmhouse comfort food. Someone tell me I'm reading it wrong and it's really fabulous! If we're going to spend that kind of money, I need confirmation that the breast is pink and the skin is crispy! Also, no mention of a prix fixe menu, as some of the reviewers indicateded. Is that gone too?

                1. re: mommydoh

                  I think this would warrant a call to the restaurant. I will say that what ever they have...the execution will be great. You will be happy. :)