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Best Bakery in New Orleans area...thoughts?

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I'm looking for a bakery in the NOLA area that won't break the bank for a wedding cake. The venue I'm holding my wedding at wants to charge around $700. There's no way I'm paying close to $1,000 for a cake. Does anyone know of any outstanding local bakeries that don't charge an arm and a leg with a wedding cake order? Much appreciate the input!!!!!

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  1. Debbie Does Doberge? https://www.facebook.com/note.php?not...

    1. Check out Flour Power in Chalmette. That's where my wedding cake was made. http://www.flourpowernola.com/

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        +1 Flour Power

      2. Swiss Cakes has been around a long time.


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          Cake Cafe is another good one.


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            I Love Cake Cafe. They did my birthday cake recently. Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Great breakfasts too.