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Apr 10, 2012 07:21 PM

cracked Le creuset pot

my boyfriend just dropped my le creuset and the cover cracked (ich). it's going through but it still holds together... should i kind of break it all the way to stick it back with some glue (if so, wich one should i use) or leave it that way ?
thanks !

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  1. You can call Le Cresuset or the original store where you bought it and see how much it would take to replace the lid. They may give you a discount.

    That being said, between the two proposed plans, I would definitely leave it alone.

    1. The number on the inside of the lid is the diameter in centimeters. So if the LC lid says "28", any 28-cm lid should fit fine. I have vented glass lids for all my LC pieces and actually prefer them to the original lids.

      1. "...or leave it that way..."

        I would think that if you do you may run the risk of it completely breaking in two one day when you are holding it and it is hot just off the pot. That does not sound like a fun scenario. Gluing it sounds like another disaster waiting to happen. I would look to replace it.

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        1. re: ttoommyy

          I have to agree. The lid should be replaced.

        2. it's a very old one, got it from my grand mother, but still in very good shape so I am pretty pissed off.... meanwhile I get a new one, what would be the best way to stick it back ? I am not very excited about ttommyy 's scenario..

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          1. re: laurence_hr

            I really won't entertain the idea of cracking the enameled surface more, and then stick it back.

            1. re: laurence_hr

              "I am not very excited about ttommyy 's scenario."

              LOL Well, excited or not, doesn't common sense tell you that those two options can end in disaster?

            2. It's cast iron. It would need to be welded to "stick it back" assuming you mean the actual lid not just the enamel.