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Apr 10, 2012 06:01 PM

In Search of Stone Crabs in Orlando

My family and I will be in Orlando later this week and I was hoping to find a spot for Stone Crabs . . . preferably in a casual setting. Can anyone suggest a good location? I'll also be traveling to Cocoa Beach one day if that opens up any options.

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  1. Restaurant - Johnny's Hideaway. Take home - Lombardi's Seafood Market. We're REALLLLLY close to out-of-season though - they may be a little less-than-fresh anywhere you look

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      My wife and I ended up eating at Johnny's and really enjoyed the Stone Crab. The waiter told us that while Florida Stone Crab season is close to over, they continue to get them further up the coast later in the year.

    2. big fin seafood has stone crab as well