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Apr 10, 2012 05:37 PM


Will be in Chicago September 10-14 - looking for outstanding/world renowned ribs - read the reviews - is it Uncle Johns or..

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  1. Well, you can now specify what style of rib you are looking for. We have a few places now that offer true bbq.
    Smoque - Texas Style: http://smoquebbq.com/
    Honky Tink BBQ - Memphis /possibly Carolina Style: http://honkytonkbbqchicago.com/
    Uncle John's for Chicago Aquarium Style

    There are several other places that have popped up serving true bbq as well. Others can comment as they care to. For true bbq, I'd go with the first two, but for Chicago Aquarium style tips/links/spares, Uncle John's reigns supreme. In the same Chicago Aquarium Style, there are a few other places that do decent work, imo, most notably is Honey One, but Honey One's links do not hold a candle to Uncle John's making Uncle John's my clear cut number one.

    1. Honky Tonk is also one of the few BBQ's with beef ribs. You might want to also check out Barn & Co, which also, on occasion, smokes prime rib:

      1. Smoque. I just spent a year and a half living in Texas and never found ribs IN Texas as amazing as Smoques. Granted, I haven't been to Smoque in over a year, but according to friends its still as delicious.