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Apr 10, 2012 05:24 PM

7 reservations mades - 10 to go. Help with choices pleeeease

Hi All. Am having soooo much fun booking for 17 nights early may in NYC. We are staying UES for 8 nights then Tribeca for 9. Have made the following reservations to date:
- DB Townhouse (first night as close - and after very long flight)
- ABC night 2
- Marea 3
- Buddaken 4 (to mix up the types of food..., and looks like a nice space)
- ?? night 5. Thinking of Le Bernadine
- Annisa 6
- Trying for EMP for our 9th night as is our 20th anniversary
- Bouley booked for 10th night
- Rive Cafe (on the moored boat looking back at Manhattan for night 17 - primarily for the view).

First, are there any of the above I should 'dump'?

Second question is which of the following are 'must visit' and which are must not / prob not - and where am I missing? I currently have 10 slots available - unless I cancel some of the above that is.

- EMP (I looove the cook book and Per Se looks to be madly expensive, not that EMP is cheap)
- Le Bernadine
- Torrisi Specialties - is it really worth the effort to get in? Also, is the Friday - Sunday lunch the same as the dinner menu?
- Pastis
- Corton
- Blue Hill
- Marc Forgione
- Locanda Verde
- The Modern
- Jojo - too stuffy???
- Il Buco - the main one or the wine bar one???
- Artisnal - for lunch
- Grand Central Oyster - for lunch
- Asiate for lunch. Is it worth it - or too much like a hotel...?
- Peral Oyster. Is this better for lunch or dinner?
- River Park. Are the views worth the food?
- Eately (for a snack and maybe a meal) - but not in the weekend.

I have not covered mexican, persian, indian, latin or chinese as the restaurants just don't seem to stack up against the above choices but am happy to listen.

Will have to do a loooooot of walking in NY, otherwise I'll come home 10kgs...

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Stu

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  1. I would definitely try to get into Le Bernadin and EMP. If you can't get a dinner reservation, try for lunch. I'd also recommend the Modern.

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    1. re: bmc78

      Yep. These three are what I'd do.

      I also highly recommend Jungsik.

    2. What an exciting trip, PP. You are doing FANTASTIC with this itinerary.

      Asiate - eh for food. View of Central Park is lovely and can feel very New York. I'd pass due to Opportunity Cost.
      Pastis - I'd swap this for Balthazar for French brasserie (but if you chose this for its Meatpacking district location, well then it is perfectly fine and don't give a second thought about keeping it in.)
      - Jojo - I haven't been in YEARS. Interestingly, its been on this board a few times lately. I tend to forget about it. I think of it as a much older, staid crowd in an area where there is really no reason for a visitor to go.
      - Artisanal - Focus on the cheese there.

      I see three holes: Spanish, Japanese and Gastro-pub. We are doing great things in all three.

      I LOVE 15 East for sushi. There are good kaiseki options I hear from other respected board posters. e.g Kyo-ya, Brushstroke (Posters: am I right in saying they are kaiseki?)

      Options include: Tertulia (no reservations); Txikito; El Quinto Pino (famous sea urchin panini); Boqueria.

      The Breslin, The Dutch, Saxon and Parole, Spotted Pig (in that order)

      Really though, you're assembling a DREAM dining itinerary!

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      1. re: thegforceny

        While I'm a big fan of Bouley, I was underwhelmed by Brushstroke, and wouldn't recommend it. Glad that the OP has Bouley on the list. Definitely should try for EMP. I like Artisanal for Sunday brunch, and reservations are needed. Highly recommend Corton since Chef Liebrandt's cuisine is highly creative. The OP might want to add one of the Momofuku restaurants to the itinerary. If they choose Ko, reservations are required and taken only 7 days in advance for dinner.

        1. re: thegforceny

          agree with thegforce on Asiate. if u want the view, you can grab a drink at the hotel bar in the Mandarin.

          Regarding the spanish options he/she listed - I've been to Tertulia and Txikito and definitely prefer Txikito, which is great. Nothing at Tertukla was very memorable to us (plus the wait was pretty bad)

        2. I would definitely dump DB Townhouse. would be a horrible way to start what sounds like a great trip (unless your goal is to start by setting the bar really low). see review here:

          of the places you are considering, pearl oyster bar is one of our favorites. note that they do not take reservations. a few of our other favorites that you might want to consider:
          danji - also does not take reservations, but excellent and creative food
          momofuku ko
          kin shop