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Apr 10, 2012 05:20 PM

Sichuan Restaurants in Shanghai

Hello to all !!

I need one or two good recommendations of sichaun cuisine in Shanghai. I will be staying at the Hilton. Last year went to Yuxin. Good. I'm trying stay away from those "sichuan rest" located inside beautiful mansions that caters to the westerners. Looking for something more authentic.



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  1. You can try Spicy Joint or 辛香汇. There are multiple locations in Shanghai. The only thing is that they don't take reservations so you will have to go really early or really late because the queues can be over an hour, especially on weekends.

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      Thanks Frenzie !!

      Any other reco for Shanghai are welcome. I always stay at the Hyott on the Bund but this time decided to try the Hilton. Last year, I went to El Willy for spanish tapas and was quite good.



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        Not Sichuan but I would recommend Guyi for something similar (spicy!). It's Hunan cuisine and better than most. Sichuan Citizen is ok also.

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        IIRC you can make reservations online for the first seating for dinner at 辛香汇, though that may have changed. I haven't been to one in about 3 years.

      3. u should check out the BaGuoBuYi (巴国布衣) chain of restaurants in Shanghai. I think they have two in Shanghai, and only one has the Sichuan "Face-Changing" performance. The performance starts at about 7.30pm and lasts for about 15mins. Google it a bit and call them up to check which outlet has the performance and reserve table.. Very worthwhile and entertaining visit for me and my girlfriend on her birthday. The decor is good and environment is clean, and the menu is full of pictures.

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          There are two restaurants I would recommend.

          Both are quite upscale but were much better than anything I've had here in Vancouver.

          Lan Xiang Sichuan Restaurant
          Golden Eagle Branch 揽香川菜馆 金鹰店

          8th Floor, Golden Eagle International Shopping Mall, 278 North Shaanxi Road (near West Nanjing Road) 陕西北路278号金鹰国际购物中心8楼近南京西路

          Mala Youhou