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Apr 10, 2012 05:04 PM

Tucson: Lil Abner's Steakhouse vs Daisy Mae's Steakhouse

Can you tell me the difference between Lil Abner's Steakhouse and Daisy Mae's Steakhouse and which is better and why? Thanks.

Lil Abner's Steakhouse
8501 North Silverbell Road
Tucson, AZ 85743

Daisy Mae's Steakhouse
2735 West Anklam Road
Tucson, AZ 85745

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what rolls out of this. I live in east Tucson (midtown these days) and I'd need a good few recommendations to go that far for a good steak. Consider this a bump to the top.

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    1. re: EWSflash

      We have been to Abner's and found their service and food to be mediocre at best. Friends of ours have had the same experience there.

      Speak to DMs.

    2. My friends at StarrPass say DM is not too bad, which not enough endorsement for me.

      1. I had the porter house at daisy maes. It was cooked to order but really lacked seasoning. It came with a baked potato (sour cream, butter, chives) wrapped in tin foil, the skin was not salted and you cut it open yourself. All you can eat beans (pinto with green chilis) and free all you can eat texas toast. sadly, our wiatress never offered us any refills of those items. The salad was iceberg lettuce, onion, tomato and a cucumber. House dressing is ranch. I found the blue cheese very watery. You can sppilt for 5 bucks additional, which gives you an additional salad, potato, bread, beans......I was not impressed.

        It was also very loud inside...hard to have a conversation.

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        1. re: christyar

          Sounds underwhelming for both, and also frighteningly like pinnacle Peak on the east side, which has been underwhelming for thirty years. I guess we'll go to Costco, buy some ribeyes and grill them ourselves. Sheesh.

        2. Lil Abners steak was tough and fatty-almost inedible. Out of baked potatoes. Not a good choice.

            1. re: DriverPhil

              Tell me more. Sometimes I want a good steakhouse place without paying Fleming's prices. I looked them up- what's good there?